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Real-life Rapunzel Aliia Nasyrova is used to turning heads as she walks down the street thanks to her impossibly long and gorgeous hair.

And now, its 257.33 cm (8 ft 5.3 in) length officially makes it the longest hair on a living person (female).

Aliia, who hails from Ukraine, was unveiled as the record holder on the set of our Italian TV series Lo Show dei Record, which aired last night.

Standing at 165 cm (5 ft 4 in), Aliia’s hair is over 3 ft longer than she is tall, and her locks are even longer than the world’s tallest man Sultan Kösen, who measures in at 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in).

Aliia has never had a proper haircut and hopes her record can "inspire people to enjoy human beauty and be natural."

I hope my story will inspire readers to love their natural beauty. I am a painter and I believe that every person is beautiful, even if they look ‘different’.

aliia holding her hair

The 35-year-old, who now lives in Slovakia, makes her living as an artist and graphic illustrator as well as a long hair model.

Aliia, who regularly posts content on her Instagram and YouTube accounts, has only ever had her hair slightly trimmed to keep it strong and healthy.

She was inspired by her mother and grandmother, who also had very long hair, as well as fairytale heroines like Rapunzel, whom she’s often compared to.

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aliia with her certificate

And she shared her haircare secrets with us when we caught up with her backstage at the show.

Aliia washes her hair once a week, and it takes her around 30 minutes to get it all clean, although it takes an extra two hours if she wants to apply a hair mask.

As she doesn’t like to use heat on her hair, Aliia lets it dry naturally, which can take up to 24 hours.

She said: “I only brush my hair when it’s dry and it takes about one hour the day after washing it and about 30 minutes on other days.”

She added: “I follow some simple rules to maintain my hair health.

“I do not colour my hair, I use only natural products and very rarely I use henna, I apply natural masks and oils on my hair, mostly preparing the masks by myself, and I never brush my hair when it’s wet or use a hairdryer.

aliia with her hair over her face

“As well as that I get my split ends trimmed regularly and I eat healthy food and don’t drink alcohol.

“I take vitamins and get scalp massages and sometimes visit a sea or ocean to soak my hair in all the natural minerals.”

Day to day, Aliia wears her hair in a braided bun since it’s so long it trails on the floor behind her.

aliia with her hair trailing to the floor

But her hair hangs loose and luscious when she’s filming content for her social channels and people are often so stunned by her hair that they ask if they can take a picture with her.

Aliia loves how seeing her hair often inspires others to grow their own.

Missed Aliia’s appearance on Lo Show dei Record? Viewers in Italy can watch it now on Mediaset Infinity. Lo Show dei Record airs Sundays on Canale 5.

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