split image of Marks tattoos

Mark Owen Evans (UK), 49, has reclaimed the record for the most tattoos of the same name on the body, after having his seven-year-old daughter’s name, Lucy, inked on himself 400 more times, taking the total to 667.

Mark first set this record in 2017 by getting 267 ‘Lucy’ tattoos on his back, however, in 2020, 27-year-old Diedra Vigil (USA) broke the record by having her own name tattooed on herself 300 times.

Mark was determined to retake the record, and without much space left on his back, he decided to have the new tattoos done on his thighs.

Marks leg tattoos

Marks leg tattos side view

It took five and a half hours for all 400 tattoos – 200 on each leg – to be completed.

“I couldn’t wait to claim the record back and dedicate this to my daughter,” Mark said.

Mark initially set this record to celebrate Lucy’s birth, as well as to raise funds for the hospital which provided care for her in the following months.

He drew up the design for the first set of tattoos himself, choosing to have an open book – signifying the Guinness World Records book – inked on his back, with Lucy’s name written over and over on the two open pages.

Two tattoo artists at Dexterity Ink in Wrexham worked for an hour to complete the entire piece.

Marks back tattoos

Mark had originally planned to get Lucy’s name tattooed 100 times, as that’s all he thought would fit inside the book outline. However, thanks to the expert penmanship of the artists, Mark ended up with well over double his initial estimate.

“It felt weird - because there were two tattooists doing it at the same time, the pain was kind of cancelled out,” Mark told The Sun.

“I love that I’m literally wearing my record and it goes everywhere with me,” he added.

Mark said that he’s not planning on having any more children with his wife, Katherine, however, if he does, he’ll have to do “something bigger.”

Mark and baby Lucy in 2017

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