split image of Victor and Gabriela Peralta

Victor Hugo Peralta (Uruguay) and his wife Gabriela Peralta (Argentina), who call themselves the “cherubs of hell”, have held the record for the most body modifications on a married couple since 2012, when they were counted to have a total of 77.

The pair, both 53 years old, have added several more since then, and recently revealed them on our Italian TV show, Lo Show dei Record.

Their new body mods include eye tattoos, piercings, Victor cutting his ears, and to commemorate their second appearance on the show, they each got chest tattoos of Italy’s flag.

Victor now has 41 body modifications and Gabriela has 50, combining for a total of 91.

They both have many tattoos, skin implants and piercings, whilst Victor also has dental implants and a forked tongue.

Victor got his first tattoo when he was just 11 years old, but he didn’t get any other type of body modification until 2009, a year after he and Gabriela got married.

His first implants were three star-shaped ones in his forehead, which Gabriela liked so much that she decided to join Victor on his body modification journey. For them, it is the ultimate symbol of artistic expression and freedom.

“Our love for tattoos and for body art started with us because we are artists. We paint not only our bodies, but anything that’s got to do with art,” Gabriela explained.

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Victor and Gabriela Peralta

Among Victor’s favourite body mods are his split tongue, his eye tattoos, his earlobe expansions, his star implants, and the cartilage cuts in his ears.

Gabriela’s favourites include her eye tattoos, her arm scarification, her pointed ears, and her hand and forehead implants.

As for the most painful ones, Victor cites the pigmentation and splitting of his tongue, whilst Gabriela says her chest scarification was a sensation incomparable to any other.

Their body modifications haven’t caused any lasting discomfort though, according to Gabriela, nor do they affect their day-to-day lives.

Gabriela spends most of her time on the farm she and Victor own in Argentina, where they have over 50 animals. “The body modifications don’t bother me,” she said.

Victor and Gabriela portrait

And Victor has been a successful tattoo artist for almost three decades, now working in his own studio in Buenos Aires.

Gabriela says that the secret to her successful marriage with Victor is a shared love for art, body modifications, and each other.

Victor added: "Art can be something than can unite you, but there is nothing like love. If there isn’t love, you always lose.”

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