split image of robyn schall holding gwr certificate and a stack of doughnuts and kissing a doughnut

A US-based comedian has broken the sweetest record. 

Robyn Schall of New York City, New York, has achieved the record for the tallest stack of doughnuts in one minute

Although stacking doughnuts was not a skill she already had, Robyn was able to stack a whopping 13 doughnuts in just 60 seconds!

“No, stacking doughnuts was not a skill I had,” said Robyn. 

Eating doughnuts…now that’s another story!


Robyn says she attempted the record because she really wanted to accomplish the goal.

She felt it was important to choose a record that she and her followers would enjoy, and stacking doughnuts seemed like fun.

The idea first came about during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“I posted a video of myself reading my goals list for 2020 that I had written in 2019,” said Robyn. 

In the beginning of 2023 when we made our new list, one of the kids suggested breaking a Guinness World Records title. I loved the idea, so it went on the list, which is still on the inside of my closet door.

Robyn researched records to find fun titles involving doughnuts. 

When she saw there was a record for stacking 12 doughnuts in one minute, she knew she had found her sport.

About a month prior to becoming the record holder, Robyn attempted the record with 13 doughnuts. 

The doughnuts were smaller and were covered in icing, but she could not accomplish the feat. 


“Two weeks before attempting the challenge on live TV I decided it was time to go into full-blown training,” said Robyn. 

It was difficult to find doughnuts that were in the size regulation for this competition, so I learned how to make doughnuts!

Robyn says this was by far the most difficult part. 

Once she learned how to make the doughnuts, she began playing around with their size and realized it would be an important key in stacking them. 

“I kept the doughnuts in regulation but some on the smaller end and some on the larger. Once I mastered that it was just practising with the speed,” she said. 

For two weeks I practised almost every day with the help of my brother.

On the day of the attempt, Robyn received a text from her brother asking if she needed a sign indicating that she would beat the record. 

He told Robyn to play the NYT Wordle. 


Once she did, she found the day’s wordle was “donut.” 

“From midnight till midnight the number of DMs I got telling me to go play Wordle was probably over a couple of thousands,” said Robyn. 

Although she says it may sound a bit crazy, Robyn believes the years of her performing stand-up comedy mentally prepared her for the challenge. 

“As a comedian, you must be present and go with the flow of whatever is thrown your way. You must be ‘on’ no matter what nerves you feel on the inside,” she said. 

When the buzzer went off to start stacking, I became very present and whatever nerves I felt went away as I started to put on the doughnut stacking show.

Robyn still has some items to check off her bucket list, including co-hosting a talk show, meeting Michelle Obama, taking a trip to Paris, and participating in a game show. 

She says she looks forward to accomplishing each one of these things while touring her comedy show throughout the US this fall and performing her show at the NY Comedy Festival at Town Hall. 


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