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A fitness fanatic from Japan did over 650 pull ups in a row to set an astonishing world record.

Kenta Adachi holds the record for most consecutive pull ups after completing a jaw-dropping 651 in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan on 4 March 2022.

To qualify for the record, the participant’s body must stay straight throughout and the body must be hanging limply before the first pull up.

Kenta Adachi

The body must be raised until the chin is above the bar and then lowered until the arms are straight, with the process repeated as many times as the person finds physically possible.

And no more than 15 seconds is allowed to pass between pull ups.

What’s even more amazing is that during a fitness test in 2007, Kenta was only able to do 12 pulls ups before he had to give up.

Kenta Adachi

He put in hours of practise over the years to improve his form and endurance and credits the people around him, particularly his wife, for supporting him.

There is currently no record holder for the most consecutive pull ups (female). The minimum requirement is 371.

Many other pulls ups records exist with a set time limit, but this one is the ultimate test of endurance as the clock won’t stop ticking until the participant feels they can no longer continue.

Kenta Adachi

While the hands must grip the bar during activity, it is permissible to perform attempts for records with a set amount of time on the clock in sets and participants can dismount between each one.

The consecutive record must be continuous, with no set time limit. If the participant lets go of the bar at any point or if a pull up is not performed correctly, the attempt will end.

Here’s a sample of some of our other pull ups records and some of our record holders from over the years in action:

Most pull ups in one minute – 74 by Hong Zhongtao (China)

Most pull ups in one minute (female) – 39 by Inga Simning (USA)

Most pull ups from a helicopter in one minute – 32 by Hamazasp Hloyan (Armenia)

Most pull ups in three minutes – 112 by Wang Xincheng (China)

Most pull ups in one hour (female) – 725 by Eva Clarke (Australia)

Most pull ups in one hour (male) – 1,131 by Caine Eckstein (Australia)

Most pull ups in eight hours (male) – 4,710 by Caine Eckstein (Australia)

Most pull ups in 12 hours – 5,742 by Andre Shapiro (USA)

Most pull ups in 12 hours (female) – 2,775 by Jessica Fresh (USA)

Most pull ups in 24 hours (female) – 4,081 by Paula Gorlo (Poland)

Most pull ups in 24 hours (male) – 8,008 by Jaxon Italiano (Australia)

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