Chris Nikic David Aguilar Zion Clark Amy Palmiero Winters

Four incredible record holders are featured in an inspirational new episode on our Snapchat Discovery channel.

They have all faced a number of obstacles due to their disabilities, but this did not stop them from breaking world records and truly becoming the best in the world (or ‘Officially Amazing’).


Zion Clark: Fastest 20m walking on hands

Zion Clark (USA) was born with Caudal regression syndrome, a rare condition which causes abnormal development of the lower spine and legs. Overcoming tremendous adversity, Zion never let his disability get in the way of becoming the very best at what he does.

He has essentially turned record breaking upside down and is now the world’s fastest man on two hands, after achieving the fastest 20m walking on hands in just 4.78 seconds.

David Aguilar

David Aguilar: First functional LEGO® prosthetic arm

David Aguilar (Andorra), otherwise known as ‘Hand Solo’, was born without a right forearm due to Poland Syndrome, a congenital disease that also prevented his right pectoral muscle from developing.

Despite facing many challenges due to his disability, David decided to turn it to his advantage, building the world’s first functional LEGO® prosthetic arm in 2017.

He also made a custom LEGO® arm for 8-year-old Beknur, who tries it on for size in the episode.

IRONMAN credit First person with Downs syndrome to complete an IRONMAN triathlon Chris crossing the finish line

Chris Nikic: First person with Down’s syndrome to complete an IRONMAN® triathlon

Born with Down’s syndrome, Chris Nikic (USA) faced many obstacles in his early life and development, but this never stopped him becoming Officially Amazing.

Against all the odds that were stacked against him, in November 2020, Chris became the first person with Down’s syndrome to complete an IRONMAN® triathlon.

Amy Palmiero Winters

Amy Palmiero-Winters: Fastest 100 miles on a treadmill (female) – LA2 

Many years ago, Amy Palmiero-Winters (USA) was involved in a motorcycle accident which led to her losing one of her legs, meaning she had to adapt to an entirely new way of living in a very short amount of time.

As a mother and an athlete, Amy did not back down from the challenge and achieved the world record for the fastest 100 miles on a treadmill (female) – LA2 in a time of 21 hr 43 min 29 sec.

Watch everyone in action and hear their full stories in the new episode on our Snapchat Discovery channel