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Sports Interactive's Football Manager series allows gamers to delve into the world of football management and take over their favourite teams.

However, in the virtual world, you can quite literally support your team for centuries.

Paweł Siciński (Poland) started the journey to play the longest single game of Football Manager in January 2018 and has continued to the in-game date of 21 May 2546.

He managed 25,084 matches on the game, with a solid win rate of 73%.


His virtual career included a gigantic 310-year spell at Icelandic side Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar between the years of 2114 and 2434.

"My biggest achievement was leading them to 301 national championships, 677 cups and victories in the Champions League, Europa League and Club World Cup," Pawel said.

"I love lesser-known leagues and I’ve been interested in this league since I was a kid, plus achieving success with a practically unknown club brings so much joy and satisfaction."

Paweł also had successful spells at European giants such as PSG, Manchester City, Arsenal and Internazionale.

Overall, his time spent on the game was 10,887 hours, equating to 453 days and 15 hours!

As per our guidelines, players may only be on holiday for less than 5% of the total game time.


The Football Manager series of games begun in 1992 as Championship Manager and is a simulation game for football fans who want to test their hand at experiencing management responsibilities.

In-game functions include buying and selling players, adjusting tactics and picking your own backroom staff in order to bring success.

Previous record-holder Sepp Hedel (Germany) completed 333 years on the 2017 edition of the game, spending 81 days and 20 hours of real time on the game.

Darren Bland, the first record holder in this category, spent 154 seasons managing Italian side Fiorentina and only stopped because he accidentally spilled liquid on his laptop.

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