Habanero pepper eating couple lock lips to break record for hottest kiss

By Aliciamarie Rodriguez

Mike and Jamie Jack had the longest, hottest kiss ever - quite literally!

On 25 February, the couple from London, Ontario, Canada, each ate a habanero pepper and locked lips for 15 minutes 6.5 seconds to achieve the longest habanero pepper kiss.


“I have broken a bunch of Guinness World Records titles, but Jamie wanted to break one too,” said Mike. 

“This record was one we could do together.”

Mike holds records for eating some of the world’s hottest peppers including Carolina Reapers and ghost peppers, so habaneros weren’t too hot for him.

Jamie, on the other hand, practised eating a habanero every day for about a month before the attempt to build up a tolerance.

“We had 30 seconds to each eat a habanero and then we put our lips together for as long as we wanted,” said Mike. 

“We chose 15 minutes because we’ll have our 15-year wedding anniversary this year.”


Mike says the most difficult part about the attempt was Jamie’s preparation for weeks before.

She wanted to make sure that she could eat a habanero without running for a drink immediately after. 

“The best part was that we got to kiss each other for 15 minutes,” said Mike. 

“We love each other so much.”

Mike says he and Jamie prepared enough in the months leading up to the record attempt that they knew they would be successful. 

“It’s best to 'win it before you begin it',” said Mike. 

Mike says it always feels great to break a record, but this one was special because it was a team effort. 


“I’m so proud of Jamie,” said Mike. 

“She’s always proud of me when I break a record, but this time she gets to be proud of herself.” 

Mike also says their friends and family are all really proud of Jamie for breaking her first Guinness World Records title and that her parents were present when they claimed the record. 

Next, Mike says he and Jamie have applied to break the record for the longest Bhut Jolokia chilli pepper kiss

Although he says that Jamie will have to prepare a bit more for that title, they hope to attempt it sometime soon. 

Additionally, Mike says there are a few more pepper-eating records that he would like to personally attempt. 

For those wanting to attempt a similar challenge, Mike says to make sure you’re prepared.


“Make sure you can handle the heat of the peppers before attempting a record like this,” he said. 

“You don’t want to throw up into someone else’s mouth.”

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