Today we commemorate Canada Day with a video interview featuring one of our most prolific food challenge record holders, Furious Pete.
Ever-hungry Canadian Pete recently visited us at Guinness World Records headquarters in London, England and told us all about what motivates him. Plus, our team got to see Pete in furious action when he took on a two record challenges live in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Pete travels the world for a German television series Furious World Tour taking on eating challenges, meeting the locals and getting stuck into the gastronomic culture. His hugely popular YouTube channel features fitness, food and even Polish language lessons.
His current Guinness World Records titles include: 
• Most hamburgers eaten in one minute
• Fastest time to eat three eclairs
• Fastest time to eat 15 Ferrero Rocher®
• Fastest time to eat a bowl of pasta
• Fastest time to eat a 12" pizza
As a bonus, here's what happened in 2013 when Pete demolished the most hamburgers in one minute record.