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The world’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi left her fellow record holder stunned when she revealed she was born naturally.

Samantha Ramsdell, who has the widest mouth (female) and largest mouth gape (female) couldn’t believe what she was hearing when Rumeysa shared the information with her in a scene from Guinness World Records’ first feature-length documentary Rumeysa: Walking Tall.

In the funny scene, Rumeysa and Sam are sitting chatting in the garden as Rumeysa’s mum Safiye stands nearby.

As they bond over their world records – brought about by their unique appearances – Rumeysa tells Sam she was a “big baby”.

And indeed, she was.

Rumeysa, whose record-breaking height is caused by her condition, Weaver syndrome, was born on 1 January 1997, weighing 5.9 kg (13 lb) and measuring 59 cm (23.2 in).

sam shocked as rumeysa stands up

“I was born as a big baby,” Rumeysa explains.

And Sam asks: “How big?”

Sam laughs as Rumeysa jokingly asks if she’s “ready” to hear it.

sam shocked face new

As Rumeysa tells her the measurements, Sam’s mouth falls open in shock.

“So, almost two feet long,” Sam clarifies as she tries to get her head around it.

“It’s too big for a baby,” Rumeysa says, before adding: “I have something to tell you… I was born with a natural birth.”

sam cant believe rumeysa was born naturally

That really sends Sam through the ringer.

“You were born a natural birth?” she asks in shock, before turning to Rumeysa’s mother and asking: “Mom, are you okay?”

“She is,” Rumeysa assures her, while her mum just smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

Rumeysa shared the clip on her Instagram page, adding: "Ermm... an interesting fact about my birth.

"However all jokes aside... I should have been born with c-section."

sam asks rumeysas mum if shes okay new

The pair also have plenty of emotional moments as they chat, bonding over their unique experiences and sharing stories of their terrible treatment from bullies.

Sam compares her hands to Rumeysa’s record-breaking ones, and stands next to her too, joking Rumeysa has “about three feet” on her.

Sam is one of many record holders who feature in Walking Tall.

sam and rumeysa hug

The film sees Rumeysa fly out of her native Türkiye for the first time ever.

She travels to the US to spread her message of kindness and acceptance for those with visible differences.

Rumeysa: Walking Tall is available to stream free now, only on Rakuten TV.

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