split image of andrew robishaw dressed in a costume and playing pinball and smiling with blue hair

A pinball champion is on a roll after breaking the record title for the longest marathon playing pinball

Between 1 and 3 September, Andrew Robishaw of Valrico, Florida, USA, had a ball of a time as he played pinball for 62 hr 21 min. 


Andrew says he was motivated to attempt the record by the Batcave in Lakeland, Florida - one of the largest private pinball collections in the world - where he often plays the arcade game. 

“One day, we looked up the record for the longest marathon playing pinball, which was set at the time by Wayne Tedder in Canada at 48 hours,” said Andrew. 

We thought with the right help, we could possibly attempt doing this ourselves.

Andrew says he grew up during a great time and was able to frequent the arcades as a child. 

He fondly remembers playing pinball machines like Jurassic Park and Terminator at the skating rink when he was a pre-teen. 

However, he didn’t begin tournament play until about three years ago - shortly after COVID began. 

Eventually, Andrew got so good at pinball, that he decided to attempt the record.


“Years ago, I was a young man - I would always be that guy who would camp out and wait in line for days on end for things like when the PlayStation 3 went on sale,” he said. 

“Although pinball is very much a different thing than waiting in line – I figured I had the resolve to attempt it. 

Once we found out that there was a record for the longest time playing pinball, I knew right away that I had to at least TRY it.

During the record attempt, Andrew says he had a Twitch stream set up to broadcast the entire weekend.

He used a Stranger Things pinball machine throughout the entire run.

Andrew says the best part about attempting the record title was being able to interact and talk with the people who joined in on the stream and at the Batcave.


“Pinball is a fun activity of course, but doing anything for the length that we did becomes tiring of course,” said Andrew. 

“But it was fun talking to everyone around the world and tuning in throughout all hours of the day.”

However, Andrew says dealing with mental and physical exhaustion after being awake for three days was tough. 

“Your mind starts to play tricks on you the longer you stay awake,” he said. 

Audio and visual distortions are a big one for sure.

The first 17 hours went by easily, but Andrew says he was hit with anxiety and exhaustion at the 32-hour mark. 

At the 62-hour mark, he decided to call it a weekend.

Although Andrew does not intend to break any other pinball records anytime soon, he does say if his record is broken, he will attempt to reclaim it.


“My wife would probably kill me if I did it again anytime soon,” he said. 

But if our record is broken you can pretty much guarantee we will be right back at it again sooner than later.

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