Pizza with 1001 varieties of cheese

A pungent pizza topped with 1,001 types of cheese has broken the record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza

Created by French pizza chefs Benoît Bruel and Fabien Montellanico, with help from cheesemaker Sophie Hatat Richart-Luna and YouTuber Florian OnAir, it surpasses the previous record of 834, achieved by Morgan Niquet in 2021.

Benoît has achieved this record once before, in 2020, when he made a pizza with 254 different cheeses. He has now almost quadrupled that number after spending five months scouring France for more varieties of cheese.

His efforts earned him an additional record for the largest display of cheese varieties (1,001), taking the title from fellow Frenchman Philippe Marchand, who procured an assortment of 730 cheeses in 2016.

Display of cheeses

"It's been a real feat being among the cheesemakers as well as being on the farms to meet the producers who are so passionate about their profession,” Benoît said.

Benoît revealed that many farmers and cheesemakers offered him their cheese for free, as they liked the idea of being part of a world record.

940 of the cheeses are French, while the other 61 are from various countries around the world.

Pizza with 1001 cheeses

A two-gram cube of each cheese was cut and placed on top of the pizza base, with the softer cheeses layered on top of the harder ones.

“We had to pre-cook the pizza dough to prevent it tearing up with the weight of all that cheese!” Benoît explained.

A cookie cutter was placed around the mound of cheese to hold it together while it cooked. After two minutes, the cookie cutter was removed, whereupon the pizza was placed back in the oven for a further 20 seconds before being taken out, ready to eat.

Woman holding up pizza slice

Benoît is delighted to have broken this record for a second time, but he doesn’t plan to stop his search for new cheeses here.

“I have been a pizza maker for 13 years,” he said. “I invented my own pizza recipes, and since working in my own business, my only dream is to make pizzas with the widest variety of cheeses.”

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