split image of anastasia synn showing off her technological implants and photo of her magnet heart locket

For decades, doctors have introduced pacemakers, shunt systems, and hip implants into their patients’ bodies. 

But one Tehachapi, California woman has had very different kinds of implants inserted into her body. 

With 52 total implants in her body, Anastasia Synn holds the record title for the most technological implants in the body (female)


Anastasia’s implants include the largest magnet ever implanted into a person, as well as a sound-transmitting magnet implanted into the tragus of her ear.

About half of Anastasia’s implants are microchips, which she programs to give herself heightened senses and abilities, such as opening locks and turning on computers.

Anastasia was first drawn to the idea because she liked the novelty of being able to program chips with her phone. 

“My daughter originally asked if she could get a microchip implant to unlock her computer like a gamer girl that she saw online and I said ‘No, you better let me do it first so I can make sure it’s safe,’” she said. 

I did, and that was only the first of many to come.

Each of her modifications was surgically performed by a nurse and an underground “do it yourself” surgeon. 

About half of Anastasia’s implants were inserted with a thick hypodermic needle and a plunger. 

The rest of them were inserted with a scalpel and the skin was sewn up afterwards. 

“I put quite a few in myself and I had a friend help me with ones I couldn’t do on my own,” she said. 

Once implanted, you must monitor them to make sure that they’re not degrading or breaking in any way, and if they do they have to come out.

In fact, Anastasia says she’s had to replace quite a few of her implants throughout the years for this very reason.

Anastasia’s implants have the ability to make her magnetic. 

She says her left hand gives her a sixth sense, and she can feel live wires behind a wall and whether or not a transformer or power box is receiving power.


“I can tell you if your microwave is leaking too much radiation. My hand vibrates,” she said. 

The implants also allow me to turn my hand into a speaker.

Anastasia also has magnets in her ears that work the same way. 

She can hear inside her head with a copper wire, a Bluetooth receiver, and the magnets implanted in her own ears.

Her implants also allow her to perform magic tricks and memorialise things like her favourite pastimes and her late husband.

“The chip over my heart when scanned will play our wedding,” said Anastasia. 

“The one in my left wrist calls my daughter’s phone and the one in my right wrist calls my husband’s phone.”

Although Anastasia is happy with her decision to become a human cyborg, her implants do bring about some challenges. 

Anastasia cannot get an MRI and faces other hurdles such as having to remove and inspect her implants every once in a while, because of their experimental coatings. 

The degradation of the implant coatings can expose Anastasia to the toxic elements of printed circuit boards, copper wire, and neodymium. 

“If I find that I have some kind of illness that requires regular MRIs, I would definitely have all of my implants pulled out,” she said. 

It would break my heart because they feel like a part of me now.


Anastasia says it is second nature to have a magnetic hand and that she never has to worry about picking up bobby pins or safety pins from the floor. 

“Finding someone’s lost earring backing has also come in very handy throughout the years.”

Anastasia also appreciates being able to automatically open her front door and enjoys feeling magnetic fields to the extent that she does. 

“Plus, it’s really freaky to show people how I can turn my hand into a speaker,” she said. 

“I had a computer in my leg at one point that people could log into and chat on an open chat interface in it. It overheated though and broke and I had to remove it.” 

She enjoys the reactions of people who realize what her body can do. 

“The reactions I get are both good and puzzling,” she said. 

Some people think I’m one of the coolest people they’ve ever met while others think I’m crazy.

Moving forward, Anastasia would like to add additional implants to her list. 

She had all of her teeth pulled out in an attempt to improve her smile and was going to make cyborg dentures that she could snap in and out. 

However, the plan fell apart when her doctor could not fully understand what she wanted. 


“I was left without teeth for six months, causing my lower face shape to change and a subsequent slew of problems,” said Anastasia.

“I’ve given up on my desire to make cyborg dentures.”

Anastasia would also like to rebuild her previous leg computer into something that has a near-field communication scanner in it so that she can put NFC tags inside playing cards and run them over her leg to read them with her eyes closed. 

“The computer would scan the card and know it was the queen of hearts, send that information to my phone via Bluetooth which would then send that information to the Bluetooth hair piece that would vibrate the magnets in my ears,” she said. 

Essentially it would allow my leg computer and my ear magnets to talk to each other in one swipe of a card.

However, Anastasia has run into problems with making this dream a reality due to battery power. 

Lithium batteries are deadly, and she doesn’t want them implanted inside of her body.

She also says the technological implants can be painful and that some of them hurt for a few months until her body gets used to the pressure. 

Others, however, are not noticeable once they’re in. 

“The other day I smashed my thumb in the doorway, and I was worried I smashed one of the glass implants, but it survived,” said Anastasia. 

“I also had magnets in my memorial implant of ashes for my husband and they came loose so my arm was actually rattling, and I had to have it replaced.”

Anastasia found out she had become a Guinness World Records title holder on the set of our Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record

“I was so excited, I think I jumped up and down like a schoolgirl,” she said. 

I know I’m the most implanted female, but I also know I’m the most implanted human.


She urges those wanting their very own technological implants to make sure they’re in good health, and that what goes in must eventually come out as you get older. 

Anastasia says you must be okay with surgery, needles, and scalpels, and that you have to be aware of your body and know what to look for to make sure your implants are not failing. 

She says microchips are a great starting point because they can be implanted shallow so that they can be easily removed if necessary. 

Anastasia would also like to eventually seek an additional record title. 

“I think the Guinness World Records title for the most removal surgeries in one day would be a good one, but possibly one only I could do,” she said. 

Most people don’t have 52 objects in their body to remove.

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