Huda and Mohamed Shehata standing next to an official adjudicator

In a world of 8 billion people, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. 

It sometimes takes persistence or creativity to get your hands on a Guinness World Records certificate that recognises your achievement. 

However, some people are born with their talents and features and achieve recognition thanks to their incredible human form. 

This is the case for siblings Mohamed and Huda Shehata (both Egypt). 

Mohamed and Huda Shehata standing next to a Guinness World Records adjudicator

Together the siblings  have a combined height of 414.4 cm (13 ft 7 in) - nearly as tall as a London double-decker bus!

With hands larger than a dinner plate, 34-year-old Mohamed has achieved the record title for the widest hand span on a living person (male) with 31.3 cm (12.32 in) on his left hand. 

In addition, he also has the widest arm span on a living person (male) measuring a massive 250.3 cm (8 ft 2.5 in).

An official adjudicator measuring Mohamed Shehata arm span

Huda, Mohamed's sister, has also had three record-breaking features confirmed: 

  • Largest feet on a living person (female) - 33.1 cm (1 ft 1.02 in) on her right foot
  • Largest hands on a living person (female) - 24.3 cm (9.56 in) on her left hand
  • Widest arm span on a living person for a female - 236.3 cm (7 ft 8.4 in)

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Kenzy Defrawy got to meet the siblings in a clinic in Egypt to take their measurements while adhering to all social distancing and travel restrictions in place.  She was helped by a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr Khaled Emara, and his medical staff Dr Mahmoud El Shopaky and Dr Mohamed Nour.

Huda Shehata and her mother

Both siblings live with their mother, Mrs. Rouhiy, in a small village 90 minutes outside the Egyptian capital, Cairo. 

They are believed to have a benign tumour in their pituitary glands that causes an excess production of growth hormones. 

"I hope the recognition of Guinness World Records title would change my life forever. I have always dreamed of dressing like other women, but I accept myself now and live with satisfaction and conviction." - Huda Shehata

Born in January 1991, Huda’s childhood felt normal, until at the age of 12, when she realised she was growing taller than most of her peers. 

longest arm span huda

Similarly, Mohamed started getting taller around the age of 12.

His height soared and his hands and arms continued to grow to a record-breaking size. 

"Everything seems small in my hands, even shaking hands with people has become a reminder of how I differ from others." - Mohamed Shehata

The siblings need to have their clothes custom made by the Terzi (their local tailor) in their hometown. 

He produced a Galabiyah (a loose-fitting garment) for Mohamed and a dress for Huda, and the siblings return each year so alterations can be made to accommodate their annual growth. 

siblings being measured

Both Huda and Mohamed are still growing in height and they may need to undergo an operation to stop their growth as soon as possible in a similar case to that of Sultan Kösen (Turkey), the tallest man living.

In 2012, Sultan underwent an operation at the University of Virginia to treat a similar condition known as acromegaly, which develops when a benign tumour of the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone. 

If the condition begins before puberty it can lead to gigantism, as is the case with Huda and Mohamed.

GWR requests that any effort to contact or meet with the record holders is made through the GWR press office.