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Internet personality Jovante Carter (USA) aka HolyGxd amassed millions of fans online by exhibiting his exceptional gurning ability, and he’s now used it to achieve a world record.

The 22-year-old from New Orleans has broken the record for the longest duration gurning with the lower lip covering the nostril, clocking a time of 1 min 2 sec.

Jovante’s record attempt took place in Milan, Italy, on the set of Lo Show dei Record, the same TV show where Shuquan Tang (China) set the previous record of 53 seconds in 2012.

The ability to completely cover one’s nose by gurning is rare and doing it for long periods of time can be difficult.

“When performing this trick with the face, you can’t breathe,” explained Official Adjudicator Marco Frigatti. “Effectively you need to suspend your breath, and also all the muscles involved get really tired.”

Spurred on by the cheering crowd during his record attempt, Jovante managed to smile without moving his lip as he passed the previous record time and became the first person to do it for over a minute.

“We turned up, we did our thing,” he exclaimed as he exited the stage after receiving his Guinness World Records certificate.

HolyGxd gurning

HolyGxd gurning side view

Jovante first realized he could contort his face when he was in the third grade. “I was eating lunch and my classmate told me that when I eat, my whole face disappears,” he recalled.

“He asked me to chew without food, and I chewed, and I did this thing with my face! Everyone laughed obviously, and my teacher went crazy.”

Although Jovante is now extremely popular on social media, as a child he experienced bullying due to his appearance. 

“People made fun of me, not just because of my trick, but also because I was skinny,” he shared.

“I didn’t like that, so I decided to turn the tables, show positivity to everyone, and take back control of my uniqueness that was so made fun of.

“Basically all that I do is try and make people more comfortable with the things that make them different.”

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