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Spinning multiple hula hoops at once takes a tremendous amount of skill. 

But spinning them while they’re on fire also takes a lot of courage!


However, that’s exactly what Grace Good (USA) did when she spun eight flaming hula hoops around her body, achieving the record title for the most fire hoops spun simultaneously

The Las Vegas native began fire hooping at 19 years old, after learning basic hoop tricks on her own. 

“I was inspired by a fire hooper I saw at a party, and I spent the next few years learning fire safety and performing with professional fire performers,” said Grace.

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I became addicted to the adrenaline rush and the power of fire, and I dedicated the next 20 years to training, learning new tricks, and pushing the boundaries of fire-hooping artistry.

Grace says spinning fire hoops is a challenging skill that requires practice, knowledge of hoop tricks, and intense safety techniques. 

Fire hoops are heavier and more difficult to maneuver than regular hoops, so the risk of injury is always present. 


However, Grace says with practise, dedication, and consistently meeting safety regulations, it is possible to learn to spin fire hoops safely and skillfully. 

“After years of training and performing, I had developed the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the world record for spinning fire hoops,” she said. 

I had a strong understanding of the physics of fire hooping, and I was proficient in both basic and advanced techniques.

Grace also credits her passion for pushing the boundaries of fire-hooping artistry. 

Prior to last year, she regularly performed with up to five fire hoops. 

She never imagined being able to perform with eight hoops, but when the opportunity arose, she was prepared!

Grace says there is always some element of fear when performing a feat with fire. 


However, she is aware of the risks involved and takes every precaution to minimize them. 

She believes that fear is a natural part of pushing herself to achieve great things. 

“It is what keeps us focused and motivated,” she said. 

“I know when I feel a bit of fear it also makes me excited knowing I am doing something that is truly pushing myself.”

She says the most difficult part of spinning multiple fire hoops simultaneously is the heat. 

“It is one of the hottest tricks I have ever performed,” said Grace. 

The heat rises to my face, so I can feel it and the smoke on my skin.


The faster she spins, the less heat she feels, but spinning eight hoops very quickly has proved to be a challenge for her.

“Another difficult aspect of the trick is getting out of it safely,” said Grace. 

“I drop the hoops to the ground and run out of the centre, and then my fire safety team puts out the hoops.”

Grace has carefully prepared herself for this feat by training consistently. 

She says her training for the Guinness World Records attempt was cumulative, building on years of experience with hula hoops and fire. 

Grace has had countless hours of fire training, which gave her the foundation to attempt this feat. 


She even worked with world-renowned fire performer and safety expert Antonio Restivo to help her build-up to the challenge. 

“Before the attempt, I practised with the hoops unlit many times,” said Grace. 

Then, just before the attempt, I lit six fire hoops and practised with them until I felt comfortable. Finally, I lit all eight hoops and performed my routine.

While Grace has never had a serious injury while spinning hoops, she has had some minor burns here and there. 

She says it is to be expected, as fire is a dangerous element.

However, she takes many safety precautions to minimise the risks, such as using fire retardant on her clothes, spraying water in her hair and on her face before performing and having a top-tier team of fire safeties. 

I like to call my minor burns ‘fire kisses!’

Grace says the most enjoyable part of spinning multiple fire hoops simultaneously is the feeling of power and accomplishment. 


When she is in the centre of the fire, she feels like she is in control of something elemental and powerful. 

Grace says she is also filled with a sense of accomplishment when she is able to complete the trick successfully. 

“There is something incredibly satisfying about being able to master such a challenging and dangerous skill,” she said. 

“It is a reminder that we are capable of great things when we set our minds to it.”

Grace was elated to learn that she earned a Guinness World Records title.

She says her achievement was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and earning a record title was a validation of her passion for fire and hoops together. 

“I was so proud of myself for being able to achieve such a challenging feat,” she said. 

I knew that it was a dangerous and risky attempt, but I was determined to succeed!


Grace is also grateful for the support of her fire safety team and her friends and family, who have all been amazingly supportive of the entire experience. 

For those wanting to attempt a similar record title, Grace says it is important to train extensively and take safety precautions seriously. 

She says it is helpful to start with a small number of hoops and gradually increase the number using hoops of different weights and sizes.

“Practise spinning the hoops in different patterns and combinations, develop a safety routine, and find a team of experienced fire safeties,” she said. 

“Most importantly, be patient and persistent, as it takes time and effort to achieve your goals!”

In the future, Grace would love to attempt an aerial fire hoop record. 


“It is an amazing feeling to see myself in a book I read as a kid,” she said. 

I never would have guessed I’d be here now! My kid self would be so proud.

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