Frenchman Laurent Nat exploded into the record books on 13 June 2014 after launching 642 fireworks from his body.

With the attempt taking place in Grenoble, he achieved the Most fireworks launched from a pyrotechnics suit.

We recently visited Laurent in his hometown to find out what drove him to attempt this dangerous Guinness World Records title.

Laurent always loved fireworks as a child, so it was inevitable that he would end up working with them.

Now he has been a pyrotechnics artist and performer for 10 years.

Speaking about his innovative pyrotechnics suit, that is inspired by the clothes worn by professional firefighters, he said: "I thought a link between sky and earth was missing, so I said to myself, why not create that link?"

The intricate costume is made out of 100% cotton, to reduce the risk of fire spreading, and took a week to design and build.

He had to stand on stilts for the record attempt, so that he could set of fireworks in all directions.

Most fireworks launched from a pyrotechnics suit

"I had to build up a lot of muscle to be able to cope with the weight and the pressure of the fireworks. It took me eight, nine months to get in shape and make that record happen."

He says people can get scared when they watch the show, but mostly they're amazed.

"At the moment, I'm in the middle of coming up with a new outfit with Alliance LED as a partner. A new suit full of possibilities, allowing me to carry even more fireworks."

"I'd love to be able to worry about someone beating my record, to have a bit of competition. I'm very competitive. I like to set the bar very high, and I'm waiting for it."

So are we!