colin furze fastest pram close up

While shopping for a pram, Colin Furze (UK) spotted a gap in the market that led him to create the world’s fastest pram.

The YouTuber (check out his channel here), joked: “So, whilst shopping for a pram I noticed they were all tailored for women, and I questioned where was the power for the man? 

“So, I decided to build a pram that was tailored for speed and power rather than lightweight and versatility.”

Colin’s pram – or stroller – hit a whopping speed of 86.04 km/h (53.46 mph) when he set the record at Shakespeare County Raceway in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, in October 2012.

And all these years later, no one has come along with a faster pram, although it goes without saying that it’s not really safe to push a baby along at those speeds.

The dad-of-two built his super speedy pram with a motorcycle engine, and it has a platform for the driver to stand on.

Dubbing it the “mega pram”, he demonstrated his unique vehicle for a video on his channel, proudly explaining it has 10 horse power and four gears, as he gently placed a doll inside to show off its comfort levels.

colin furze with his fastest pram

Looking back on his creation, he told us: “I was surprised about how stable it was at 50 mph as I thought it wouldn’t control well at those speeds.

It feels great to know I still have the world record for the fastest pram. It was built in honour of my son Jake, so every birthday we tell him he has the honour of the world’s fastest pram.

Colin joked that while the pram still exists, his son sadly doesn’t fit inside it anymore.

colin furze and his fastest pram speed past a womanwith a regular pram

The inventor also holds the records for fastest bumper car/dodgem, which achieved a top speed of 161.476 km/h (100.336 mph) when it was tested by The Stig from BBC’s Top Gear in 2017.

He also previously held the record for fastest motorized toilet with a speed of 85.6 km/h (53.25 mph).

But that one has since been broken by the HAWC (Highly Advanced Water Closet) Mk1, built by Robert English, Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers and William Beaty (all UK), with a speed of 113.531 km/h (70.545 mph).

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