Split image of Chinese youtuber Liziqi

Famous Chinese vlogger "李子柒 Liziqi" aka Li Ziqi, has reached 14,100,000 subscribers on YouTube (as verified on 25 January 2021), breaking the Guinness World Records title for the most subscribers for a Chinese language channel on YouTube

Li Ziqi initially set this record on 16 July 2020 with 11,400,000. 

She released her first YouTube video in 2017 titled "Making a dress out of grape skins", followed by a number of short video works she created and shot. 

Li Ziqi’s videos have attracted fans from all over the world who love to watch her seemingly idyllic life in the countryside that is steeped in traditional Chinese culture. 

She picked up many of her skills such as weaving, cooking and farming when she was a child, learning from her grandparents who lived in the countryside.

These processes became important elements for her videos, and form the basis of her soothing and wholesome content. 

li ziqi is embroidering

Nine years ago, Li Ziqi decided to stay in her hometown to take care of her sick grandmother and started to make videos of their life in 2015.

 She puts a lot of time into each video, with most taking days to shoot.

She's also been known to climb trees to try and get the perfect overhead angles!

li ziqi

Although originally she shot all the video herself, she now works with the help of a personal assistant and a videographer.

One series that took a particularly long time was showing the process of making the Four Treasures from ancient China -  the writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper.  

This project took an entire year to create as each item was made from scratch by Li Ziqi herself. 

She has also single-handedly built a thatched hut and swing set out of wood and bamboo in her courtyard. 

With so many varied talents who knows what record she could break next!