Guinness World Records 2023 has landed to transport you to a universe of out-of-this-world records.

Amazing skills, animal tricks, shining talents: there is no end to the marvels of this year's edition, filled with exciting pictures, fact-packed chapters and of course, our incredible record breakers. 

"We've sifted through nearly 40,000 record applications over the past year to bring you Guinness World Records 2023," said Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday. 

"People from all walks of life continue to be fascinated by extremes, and we've received claims from across the planet - indeed, even from space! This is why I've said the new edition is 'Out of this World!"

Flex your muscles with strongman Jason Auld, test your flexibility with Celeste Dixon, and meet Alvin, the white Shetland pony that can walk on his hind legs.

Read on to find out more about the never-seen-before records included in Guinness World Records 2023.

Karenjeet power lifting white background

Most times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female) 

Karenjeet Kaur Bains is a champion, a record breaker and the first Sikh female to represent Great Britain in powerlifting. 

She entered the Guinness World Records annals by fighting for the title of most times to squat lift own bodyweight in one minute (female), conquering it with a whopping 42 reps!

Despite her busy day job as a Business Planning and Finance Manager, Karenjeet’s training regime comprehends six days of practice a week. 

Karenjeet with certificate

The 25-year-old champion decided to take on powerlifting, a sport that is notoriously male-dominated, when she was 17 - proving that dedication and passion truly make dreams come true! 

Through her actions, Karenjeet hopes that more women from diverse and minority backgrounds will feel empowered to "shatter any perceived glass ceilings and make their mark in sports like powerlifting."

Continuously inspired and supported by her family, this young record breaker is an inspiration to young girls everywhere. 

Alvin in the water

Fastest 5m on hind legs by horse 

Alvin, a Shetland pony from Skåne, Sweden, is one of the cutest record breakers we’ve seen in a long time. 

"I always knew he was one of a kind", his trainer Paulina said.

When he first met his trainer in 2009 it took the timid pony some time to get used to human contact, but Paulina knew how to win the love and trust of this beautiful animal with extraordinary determination. 

Soon Alvin discovered a true passion for showing off and performing tricks, overcoming his natural shyness and turning into an outgoing, cheerful creature.

Thanks to a playful training regime made of clicker exercises and plenty of yummy food rewards, Alvin conquered the record for fastest 5 m on hind legs by a horse in 16.70 seconds. 

Jason Auld driving a unicycle

Heaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle 

While the majority of us were learning how to bake, during the 2020 lockdown Jason Auld (UK) set himself an ambitious goal: to break a record.

The action sports athlete combined hard work with out-of-the-box thinking to create a new challenge of unicycling while simultaneously lifting a barbell. 

"Combining unicycling with feats of strength is something few, if any, have done." – Jason Auld  

He broke the record for heaviest single weight lifted by barbell overhead press while riding a unicycle by lifting an incredible 68 kg (149.9 lb) in April 2021, after eight weeks of continuous training for five days a week. 

Jason performed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the London Olympic Games in 2021, as well as several TV shows, and is now a proud representative of Guinness World Records 2023

Something he said he "never imagined possible." 

Collection of rotating puzzles

Largest collection of rotating puzzles 

Florian Kastenmeier (Germany) has a passion for puzzles! 

It all started with one Rubik’s cube, and he soon became fascinated by solving the challenges new puzzles brought. 

Now with a collection of 1,519 rotating puzzles, Florian’s favourites are those that are older, as to him they have more of a "story and character."

While Florian can also solve a Rubik's cube in an impressive 45 seconds, he is most proud of the variety of his collection, from nostalgic traditional Rubik’s cubes to those that feature famous faces. 

When asked about being a part of this year’s Guinness World Records book, Florian said he still can’t believe that people around the world will see his collection.

Celeste with certificate smiling

Most backward somersault burpees in 30 seconds 

Pluri-record holder Celeste Dixon is a fitness enthusiast, a veteran Ninja Warrior and a powerhouse. 

Originally from South Australia, Celeste really does it all when it comes to fitness, including gymnastics, climbing, running, swimming and more. All this, while working three jobs and being a loving dog mum!

The athlete earned her place in the Guinness World Records 2023 edition with three records: 

  • Most backward somersault burpees in 30 seconds (female) –
  • Most aerial silk front saltos in one minute – 23
  • Fastest 10m walking on hands while holding a 10kg medicine ball between the legs (female) – 10.55 seconds

Celeste admitted the most challenging was the medicine ball record, but her determination proved stronger than any challenge posed.

Scarlett cheng showing books

Young Achievers

Let yourself be inspired by the mind-blowing talent of the Young Achievers.

These nine incredible record breakers are changing the world at a tender age whilst collecting incredible achievements in every field - from science to beauty, from sports to gaming.  

From 12-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra (USA), the youngest chess Grandmaster in the world, to lip balm maker and collector Scarlett Cheng (China), these children have incredible talents and a stellar future. 

Scarlett's collection of lip balms is the largest in the world, counting over 3,338. 

Even more incredibly, she creates her own products!

Visit our Kids Website to meet scooting superstar Tyler Hainey, with his two records and jaw-dropping tricks, or go comet hunting with Rafał Biros, the youngest person to discover a comet.

Rumeysa with adjudicator and certificate

Hall of Fame

Page after page, enter a world of incredible achievements and meet our new Hall of Fame inductees. 

Each year, our exclusive Hall of Famers embody one or more of the Guinness World Records values of respect, passion, inclusiveness, integrity and fun. 

From British Paralympian champion and record-breaker Ellie Simmonds (UK) and music-legend Beyoncé (USA), to space-tourist Wally Funk, the oldest woman in space (USA), these eight record holders represent change and excellence. 

Discover the inspiration behind the art covering the body of Australian record-holder Lucky Diamond Rich, or learn more about the tallest living woman, Turkey's very own Rumeysa Gelgi.

Meet all of our 2023 inductees here.

Nakasone with balls and certificates

If the Earth is too small for you, become a space explorer and scavenge through the mysteries of the universe with the James Webb Space Telescope, the biggest ever created. Listen to a message directed to aliens beamed into space by FunKids and get ready to dissect time and space on a record-breaking tour with Professor Brian Cox.

Or, if you prefer the adrenaline of breath-halting stunts, get ready to witness the feats of Dan Mancina (USA), who is featured in the book after achieving the longest 50-50 Grind on a skateboard (IS2)

Affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa ever since he was 13, the skateboarder continued performing amazing stunts (and breaking records) after he lost his eyesight. 

Follow Junji Nakasone (Japan) on the basketball court to witness how he broke two records. 

He racked up the titles for highest throw and catch of a spinning basketball (6.20m; 20 ft 4in) and the longest time spinning four basketballs – which he kept up for the incredible time of 21.65 seconds.

Colour your universe with incredible photography, amazing athletes and jaw-dropping collections with Guinness World Records 2023.

Your journey through a universe of records begins here.

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