split image of victory brinker headshot and victory singing to stuffed animals

Victory Brinker is not your typical opera singer.

Victory became the world’s youngest opera singer (female) at seven years and 314 days old, after participating in eight professional performances in 2019 at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre's Lights and Legends show.

Listening to her sing, you would never imagine that such a magnificent voice is coming from a now 10-year-old child.

But that’s not the only achievement that makes this rising star impressive.

Victory, who can reach over three octaves and serenade her audience in seven different languages, is also perhaps one of the most memorable contestants to receive a Golden Buzzer in season 16 of America's Got Talent.

On 6 July 2021, the young vocalist made history by becoming the first-ever AGT contestant to receive a unanimous Golden Buzzer from all four judges during her performance of "Juliet’s Waltz".

Who is Victory Brinker?

Despite her small stature, Victory is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the opera world. 


Based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania (USA), Victory was adopted as a baby by her parents Christine and Eric Brinker, and shares her life with ten siblings.

From the time she was a toddler, it became clear that Victory had a very unique gift.

"I was an early talker and started singing at age two.  Between age two and three, I was memorizing entire CDs with good pitch. I was always singing." – Victory Brinker

Two days before her sixth birthday, Victory asked her mom to show her who could sing the highest notes, quickly uncovering a curiosity and passion for the art of operatic singing. 

"I love the challenge of the difficult arrangements, the technique required to sing, all the runs, and the different languages all the arias are written in."

What it takes to be the world’s youngest opera singer

To achieve a perfect pitch, she meets with her coach once or twice a week and learns new pieces and languages.


"I sing in the morning, in the shower, at dinner, at school, and even when I’m falling asleep.  My family says I even sing in my sleep!" – Victory Brinker

On 27 March 2022, Victory participated in the Italian television show Lo Show Dei Record

Although she knew the performance was an opportunity to make it into the record books, she did not initially realize that she was already the newest title holder. 

Victory has also appeared on NBC’s Little Big Shots, Dr. Phil, Wonderama and is a frequent anthem singer for the NBA, NFL, and MLB. 

This past holiday season, she also released her very first album, The Wonder of Christmas.

Although Victory's talent is innate, she constantly works hard to achieve even greater heights, dedicating 45 minutes to an hour each day to practicing with her mom. 

"My mom taught me how to sing and helps me believe I can do anything," Victory shared. 

"No matter what I want to do next, she finds a way to help me to do it.  She is always cheering me on."

As her daughter's biggest supporter and number one fan, Christine describes watching Victory perform as an overwhelming and surreal experience.

"There is no greater joy as a parent than to see your child pursue their passion!" – Christine Brinker

Confident in her daughter’s extraordinary abilities, Christine says that the secret to helping Victory reach success has been supporting her goal setting and remaining consistent in helping her achieve them.

"When we believe in our children, they believe in themselves and can change the world," said Christine.

Victory’s siblings are also incredibly proud of her achievements and have encouraged her every step of the way. 

Her six brothers and four sisters have been her built-in audience and support system since she first started singing, attending each and every one of her performances.


"Sometimes my siblings get a little tired of me always singing and set up my bed with a stuffed animal audience, so I will practice in my bedroom," Victory joked.

Although there are days when the starlet just wants to be a kid and engage in some of her favorite activities like swimming, gardening and playing with slime, she enjoys performing and sharing her musical ability with the world.

But what's next for Victory?

In addition to playing the piano and singing, she is also pursuing acting and even has her sights set on more Guinness World Records titles!

"I would like to try to break the record for highest vocal note by a child…or maybe even an adult!" – Victory Brinker

Victory hopes her record-breaking achievement will inspire more kids to chase their dreams.

"You can do it! Just do it one time and you’ll see it’s not so bad," she said. 

"I tell myself to give it my all and have fun, and I do!"