Sarah swinging boleadoras and standing doing splits

Known for dancing to the beat of her own boleadoras, Canadian, Sarah Louis-Jean has not let anything stop her from achieving her dreams.

Since performing for the first time at the age of 3, the stage has become Sarah’s second home. Trained in everything from ballet to folk, she has danced her way into history with the record for most floor taps with boleadoras in one minute with a whopping 385!

Originally from Argentina, boleadoras were previously used as weapons for hunting, but now they are used for performances. 

Boleadoras are weighted balls, made out of varying material, attached to cords. With one in each hand, Sarah twirls the cords around her body, simultaneously hitting the floor, creating a percussion, and keeping rhythm has she moves. 

She does this all while timing the taps with her steps as she dances in the style zapateo.

NEW Sarah-doing-the-splits-in-the-air-while-balancing-in-an-elevated-metal-circle  

Sarah discovered boleadoras when she saw a group of Cirque du Soleil performers doing the unique dance online and was instantly mesmerized.

She searched to find the perfect music to do this and it proved to be a challenge. When Sarah realized she was unable to find a track that spoke to her, she then decided to create her own and attempt her title.

One of Sarah's main form of inspirations has always been her father, who came to every one of her shows from age 3 to 16. 

It was because of his encouragement that Sarah felt a deep sense of love and support in pursing her dreams, which included becoming an official record holder. 

This confidence has been a consistent thread in Sarah’s message to her audiences, to which she shares: “We grow the most when we rise after [we] fall. Boleadoras is that, for me it represents the unconditional inner strength we all have.” 

Despite all that the world had in store for 2020, Sarah did not miss a beat in training. She has continued to practice almost daily, reminding us that “the road to our goals is rarely how we plan it. But what matters is how we persist.”

Now Sarah continues to spread positive messages and encouragement through her talent.

 “I think that no matter what our dreams are, [what is] most important is to acknowledge why we are doing what we are and who we want to become.”

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