Canadian YouTube channel “Hacksmith” has broken another awe-inspiring record for the world’s brightest outsized flashlight torch.  

Months ago the skilled inventor team crafted the first retractable proto-lightsaber, and now Chris Thiele, Product Manager of Hacksmith Industries, has created a flashlight called the “Nitebrite 300” that contains a whopping 300 LEDS and shines at a record breaking 501,031 lumens.  

For reference, the most powerful commercially available flashlight, the Imalent MS 18, only has 18.  

In order to build this magnificent device, the Hacksmith team create the plan on computers and then build it by hand. They placed 6 LEDs on each board themselves, one by one, and then put the board in a reflow oven to secure the LEDs and start on the next board.  


In total, 50 boards are connected to drivers, which are all powered by one battery, as explained in the video.  

This massive flashlight has three different modes controlled by an equally gargantuan button. The settings consist of: low, high and turbo. With all the pieces combined, it makes one stunning, record-breaking flashlight.  

“All those buttons, all those switches, all those screens, all those LED drivers come into this LED monstrosity!” - Chris Thiele, Hacksmith team member.  

When first creating the flashlight, light shined everywhere among their workshop, quite unlike a normal flashlight which has a focused beam of light. They overcame this challenge by using a fresnel reading magnifier to center the light and keep it pointed in a specific area. 


In fact, the using these types of magnifiers can be so powerful at focusing light, they can actually heat things up and set objects on fire!  

The final assembly utilized several wires, a common trashcan, the magnifier, and the massive LED board. It was painted black for a traditional look.  

To truly measure against the competition, the Hacksmith team used a Crookes Radiometer, a tool that’s used to measure the power of light waves.  


With a little fan inside a clear glass structure, the fan moves increasingly faster when exposed to intense rays of light. 

In this case, the light was so intense from the Nitebrite 300, it made the Crookes Radiometer explode!  

The flashlight is also capable of lighting up an entire football field at night, making it one impressive invention.  


This the Hacksmith’s team second record title, and we’re looking forward to seeing what records they break next.