Following a remarkably challenging year, TODAY with Hoda & Jenna wanted to take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to spread some much-needed love, hope and inspiration to audiences across the country.  

Host Hoda Kotb invited married viewers to join in on a Zoom call to share their stories of triumph, resilience, and devotion throughout the course of their marriages and set a Guinness World Records title.


Hoda Kotb began the Zoom call with Christina Conlon, an official adjudicator, introducing the guidelines for the record title for most vow renewal ceremonies performed online simultaneously. With a minimum of 50 couples to achieve the record, Adjudicator Christina would need to carefully count and witness every participant declaring their recommitment concurrently.  

Acting as the officiant for the ceremony, Hoda led all the couples in reciting the following vows:  

“You are here today because you promise to continue to love your spouse – perhaps on an even deeper level than the first time you exchanged vows. If you recommit to the words you spoke into each other’s souls when you first married, say ‘I do.’” 

As everyone repeated, “I do” it was clear that this had significant meaning to every participant. 

Each couple had their own unique story and reason for taking the time to reaffirm the commitment they made on their wedding days, which ranged from less than a year to over 66 years ago.  


Regardless of their motivation or duration, the common thread across all couples was profound love. 

Hoda is no stranger to record attempts. Over the years, Hoda has participated in a lengthy list of unsuccessful record attempts including most vegetables spiralized in one minute by bicyclemost party poppers popped in 30 seconds, and most doughnuts stacked in a minute to name just a few.  

However, the streak of failed attempts was broken when Adjudicator Christina announced the final tally coming in at 53 couples, making Hoda Kotb an official Guinness World Records title holder and proof that love truly can conquer all.