split image of row of opened and unused vice lipsticks and Vice Ganda and adjudicator with certificate for most people applying lipstick

Nearly 7,000 people have gathered in an arena to set a new record for the Most people applying lipstick.

A crowd of 6,900 people took part in Vice Cosmetics's record attempt at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezion City, Manila (Philippines) on Sunday 9 September during the Ganda For All Music Festival.

The attempt beat the previous record of 5,840 set by Mary Kay Cosmetics Co. in 2015.

The event was organised to celebrate the first anniversary of VICE Cosmetics, a makeup brand created by Filipino celebrity Vice Ganda, who remains its Chief Creative Officer.

Vice Ganda has enjoyed commercial success as a singer, comedian, host, actor and vlogger, with a social media following of more than 30 million people across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

20 top Filipino artists, such as Shanti Dope and Ben&Ben, were invited to perform small sets throughout the night, with VICE Ganda headlining the show. The event culminated in the official Guinness World Records title attempt.

The Ganda For All Music Festival was put on as a free event, and the only fee to the stadium was one Vice Cosmetics lipstick per person.

Entrance to the stadium was first come, first served basis, with people lining up from the early hours of the morning to secure a spot in the audience and in turn, as a participant for the record attempt.

Each attendee had to have lipstick-free lips and bring one of Vice Cosmetics's dark shades of lipstick, such as Good Vibes, Kering Keri, Tarush and Park Ganern. to make it easier for the 172 stewards to identify who had applied their makeup.


All participants had to wear the lipstick for 60 seconds for their attempt to be counted with a countdown on the stadium’s huge LED screen to guide them.

The concert was put on not only to promote the Vice brand, but to also spread love and inclusiveness within the community.

Men, women and children of all different backgrounds came together to support the events message of "Beauty for All."

Adjudicator Brian Sobel, who presented the certificate, thought the event harboured positivity and equality.

"The slogan for the event was Beauty for all. A mission of empowerment that everyone is beautiful no matter what size, shape, skin colour, etc."
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