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Strength comes in many different forms, but for record holder Anthony Robles it stems from a determined mindset.

Born missing his right leg, Anthony has experienced what it’s like to face challenges from day one – and has always had to work a bit harder than the average person to achieve his goals.

But even in the most unlikely of circumstances, that never stopped him from reaching them.

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Just a few weeks ago Anthony set the record for the most pull ups in one minute with an 80 lb pack at the FanShield 500 NASCAR race at the Phoenix Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona, a feat he accomplished with 23 pull ups.

While he emerged from the attempt victorious and relieved to have made it through the most enduring 60 seconds of his life, the moment the adjudicator handed him the certificate symbolized a culmination of hard work and progression he had made throughout his athletic career.

“I’ve learned that you can never let your circumstances define who you are or what you’re capable of. I chose to not allow being born missing a leg hold me back in life which is another reason why I constantly look for new challenges for myself.”

Anthony’s first challenge began when he was 14 years old and decided to pursue high school wrestling.

He had to figure out a way to mimic the movements and maneuvers his teammates and opponents were doing without the use of one of his legs.

It was a situation that required a great deal of patience and persistence from Anthony at a very young age.

Although he finished last place in his city tournament that season, the aspiring athlete took this as a lesson to grow.

“After that first season I actually set a personal goal for myself to become the best wrestler in the state of Arizona. I was blessed with some great coaches and teammates who took the extra time to help me so by the time I finished high school, I was a two-time Arizona State Champion and a high school national champion.”

This eventually led Anthony to wrestle in college and win multiple collegiate championships.

Flash forward years later and Anthony would use the lessons he learned to set his first Guinness World Records title on behalf of a good cause.

Anthony Robles Certificate 1

“The best part of my record attempt was having the opportunity to go after a personal ambition in support of DAV and in honor of the men and women who serve or have served bravely in the United States military it in front of thousands of NASCAR fans before a race. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible. The worst part was 30 seconds into my attempt when my muscles started to fatigue and hit a wall! The fans cheering me on really helped give me the extra adrenaline to finish strong, I could barely move my arms when I was done!”

Now Anthony has his sights set on breaking more records and pushing his limits to reach his potential. This includes all the training and practice that goes into breaking a fitness record title.

“I hope that my story can serve as an example to people that even though we all face our own unique challenges in this world, we don’t have to let the challenges define us. We can achieve anything we set our mind to but we have to realize that reaching those goals is a daily battle. Everyday we have to choose to not let our obstacles become an excuse to say it’s too hard and give up, we have to choose to be unstoppable!”