Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for the back muscles, it is a complex movement involving many muscle groups that can improve physical fitness and coordination of the body.

Wang Xincheng, a university student in Beijing, China, recently broke the Guinness World Records title of most pull ups in three minutes with a total number of 112.

Before that, the record was held for four years with 106 pull ups in the 180 second time limit.

Studying electronic engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wang jokes that he is not a sports student but loves strength and endurance training.


After the college entrance examination ended in 2020, Wang Xincheng began dedicated fitness training.

Before the official challenge, he had eight months of pull-up training. He now trains six days a week, four of those devoted to pull-ups only.


"When I first started working out, it was about getting fit, getting in better shape, making more friends. At first I just trained on my own." Wang recalled.

"The Guinness World Records title wasn't in my head at all. Later, I got to know my master, Liu Jinfeng, who told me my performance is not far from the world record, which can be surpassed after a few months of specialized training.

"From then on, I had the idea to break the record."

The standard movement is to keep the arms straight when below the bar and make sure the chin is over the bar when the body is at the top, as well as not shaking the body to borrow strength.

Under the premise of a relatively short time period, reaching 50 can be regarded as a high level of achievement. If that number rises to over 70, it can be described as a top-level performance.

“I can keep making rapid progress because I love strength training and endurance training purely. Even if it's hard work, it doesn't feel boring at all.”

Wang still remembers watching Guinness World Records titles that were set on television as a child, so he was thrilled to learn that he had broken the record.

"In my opinion, it's near the highest honour. I felt a strong sense of self-confidence and control when I proved that I was far ahead of the world. 

"Thank you very much for the guidance of my master, the support of my family and the help of my friends during the challenge."


Fitness makes Wang happy, and his efforts to do so have been rewarded with honour and recognition.

The three-minute challenge may be just the beginning for Wang, who plans to continue challenging the self-weight and weight-bearing pull-up record after he prepares for the postgraduate entrance examination next year at university.

He is ready to keep an open mind and continuing growing self-confidence in order to go all out in facing the challenges in his life.