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You may have heard the name Jack Reynolds before.

He is the fearless centenarian who ticks items off his bucket list while breaking record titles, and uses his yearly record challenge to raise money for charity. 

Described by his family as an inspiration, amazing and a hero, Jack now has four Guinness World Record titles under his belt, his most recent being the oldest person to perform as a supporting artist on a TV show where he had a cameo on the set of British soap, Hollyoaks

The first record title Jack achieved was the oldest person to receive their first tattoo on his 104th birthday in 2016.

He got his name and date of birth on his arm and even claimed it didn't hurt! 

Oldest man tattoo collage

In 2017 for his 105th birthday, he decided he wanted to ride a rollercoaster that takes you 100 ft in the air and drops you back down - but he had to settle for the Twistosaurus in Flamingo Land, Malton. 

However this still made him the oldest person to ride a non-inversion rollercoaster

oldest person to ride a non-inversion roller coaster thumbnail

Not to break the annual record-breaking tradition, Jack decided to mark his 106th birthday by becoming the oldest person to ride a zip wire (zip line), earning him a well-deserved spot in Guinness World Records 2019. 

As always Jack used the record attempt as an opportunity to raise money for a charity, but this one was particularly close to his heart, after losing his wife to a cerebral haemorrhage, he chose to support the Stroke Association

Jack's daughter, Jayne, describes her father is "indestructible, incredible and inspirational". 


Despite concerns from his daughters and grandchildren, Jack is willing to do anything that is thrown at him!

“I’m lacking me bit of vitality and that type of thing but I’m still game to do, if they find another one, I’m still happy to do it.”

Not short of ideas for his next challenge, Jack’s great-granddaughter simply says it’ll be whatever he can get away with.