Continuing our month-by-month look back over the past year of fantastic record-breaking feats, March 2015 saw the first companion robot in space, the birthday of the oldest woman living, Arnold Schwarzenegger presented with a special certificate to mark his many titles and Yahoo employees yodel into the record books...

The record for the Oldest woman has been broken four times this year, signalling the way developments in medical science are creating the potential for people to have longer lives than ever before.
Misao Okawa (Japan) was born in 1898 and took the title following her 117th birthday on the 5 March 2015 - a fitting time for such a milestone female record as it was just three days before International Women’s Day.
Speaking at an event the day before, the remarkable Masao said that 117 years didn’t seem like such a long time.
At the time of her record announcement she lived in a nursing home in Osaka and had three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Sadly Misao passed away on 1 April at the amazing age of 117 years and 26 days.
Over in the US, CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation made broadcasting history in March after completely smashing Doctor Who’s (BBC) record for the Largest TV drama simulcast (playing in 171 different countries) to mark the show’s 15th anniversary.
From crime to comedy, the 13th saw the return of Red Nose Day, the annual UK television benefit organised by charity Comic Relief.
In a record attempt designed to reflect this year’s campaign theme “Make your face funny for money”, Blue Peter’s Lindsey Russell (UK) successfully achieved the Most shaving cream beards applied in three minutes with 36, raising a significant amount of money.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, China Lin Haisan scooped up the Greatest prize money for a baccarat tournament winning a staggering 100,000,000 HKD ($12,890,500 USD, £8,565,880) in a gaming first.
Baccarat is a card game played at casinos that compares the total values of two hands (the ‘player’ and the ‘banker’) – the winning hand is that with has the highest remainder when its face value is divided by ten.
Over in Australia, Hollywood powerhouse and bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger was presented with an exciting certificate to commemorate his many records: Longest time between Mr Olympia titles (5 years), Largest attendance at a bodybuilding event (50,000), Highest basic salary per film by an actor ($30 million) and Most films made by a bodybuilder (31).
The certificate was given to Mr Schwarzenegger while he attended a massive health event in Australia which had hundreds of people taking part in the Largest core fitness lesson ever.
Technology giant Yahoo celebrated their 20th anniversary by breaking their own record for the Largest simultaneous yodel.
More than 3,000 employees gathered in Sunnydale, California, USA (where the company’s headquarters are) and were led in the mass yodel by Wylie Gustafon - creator and performer of their iconic jingle.
Then, a record that had remained unchallenged for over 30 years was smashed by a multiple record-holding Swiss stuntman.
The Highest tightrope walk took place at the end of the month in Pontresina, Switzerland when fearless Freddy Nock walked at a height of 3,557 m (11,669 ft 11.1 in) between two Swiss mountaintops.
However, small android robot Kirobo reached new heights when it set records for First companion robot in space and Highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation, and Guinness World Records was thrilled to announce these major world-changing records in March.
The first talking robot in space arrived at the International Space Station aboard a supply rocket with a mission to serve as companion to astronaut Kochi Wakata (Japan).
Kirobo was programmed to communicate in Japanese and has a wide range of physical motion.
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