Farthest distance travelled by walking barefoot on LEGO® bricks by a relay team in one hour

For Katie Wells – CEO and Founder of Wellness Mama, it all started with her family motto that “we were made to do hard things.”

It was this motto that encouraged Wellness Mama to bring its community of mothers together for an official record attempt for the farthest distance travelled by walking barefoot on LEGO® bricks by a relay team in one hour.

Record-breaking LEGO walking team with family members

With this year having been tough for many families, and moms especially, Katie wanted to host something both entertaining and fun that she could do as a team with some of the women in her community.

“One of my goals for this year was to set a world record, and knowing the importance of community, I knew I wanted to attempt it with other moms,” said Katie. 

As a mom, Katie realized that she had been training to set a LEGO® walking world record for years without even knowing it. 

Record-breaking team of moms achieve record

“How many of us (moms) have had the experience of a LEGO® to the foot while walking across a room in the middle of the night to get a fussy baby, or while running across the house to answer the door or check the oven?”   

Having the experience and the LEGOS to go with it, Katie was confident in her teams’ ability to achieve the title, but quickly learned that it would be more difficult than anticipated.

Participant during foot exam for record attempt

Despite the challenge, Katie and her four record-breaking team members – Ashley, Savanna, Grace, and Cat - began preparing for their official attempt. 

Here’s what it took them to get ready:

  • 8 months of planning
  • 5 relay team members (and 5 supportive husbands)
  • 3 independent witnesses
  • 2 medical professionals for foot verification
  • An official flat surface at a local track facility
  • a 10-meter track made of plywood and 2x4s (with roughly two feet of turnaround space on either side)
  • Katie’s father helping build the LEGO® track
  • 200+ pounds of LEGOS
  • Live and official verification with Guinness World Records staff in multiple countries
  • 19 of the best cheerleaders and pit crew members to throw LEGOS back on the track (the kids of participants)
  • Some amazing friends cheering the team on
  • A playlist of upbeat, motivational 80s music
  • Food for everyone in attendance: 2 huge breakfast casseroles, a coffee cake, 48 muffins, 42 cups of coffee, 9 pizzas
  • Sore feet, a lot of sweat, and (surprisingly) no tears from participants!
Record-breaking LEGO track

The official attempt kicked off shortly past 9 AM on 10 October in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and began strong at a pace of about 12 seconds per lap.

Each of the team members walked roughly 12 minutes to cover at least 20 laps minimum per person as required by official record guidelines.

Participant during record attempt LEGO walking

The children of the record-breaking participants served as “pit crew members” throwing LEGOS back onto the track if they flew off during the attempt. 

When the stopwatch finally sounded at the one-hour mark, the team, despite sore feet, had covered the 328 laps needed to achieve the record.

LEGO track being measured

Official adjudicator, Philip Robertson virtually confirmed and announced the record-breaking results as 3.28 km (10,761 ft 1 in).

Record participant walking on LEGO track

“I’ve always said that moms are one of the most powerful forces on this planet, and they proved it this morning,” Katie said once the achievement was official.

Record participant during foot exam pre attempt

The record-breaking team of mom’s celebrated their remarkable victory with their families followed by icing their feet.

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