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On October 18 2020, Ren Keyu (China, b. 18 October 2006) not only celebrated his 14th birthday, but also received the Guinness World Records title for the tallest teenager (male) with a height of 221.03 cm (7 ft 3.02 in).

From Leshan in Sichuan Province, China, the ninth-grade pupil, nicknamed Xiaoyu, was born on October 18 2006. 

In kindergarten, Xiaoyu had grown to about 150 centimeters and was often regarded as a primary school student.

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Because of Xiaoyu’s extraordinary height, his family took him to the hospital for examination several times. At first, the doctor suspected that it was gigantism. 

However, after a number of examinations, it was discovered that Xiaoyu’s body was not troubled by illness or disease, and his growth hormone, pituitary gland and other test results were normal.

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Xiaoyu believes his height may be hereditary, as it is common in his family: Xiaoyu’s grandmother is 175 cm tall, his mother and grandfather are over 190 cm tall, and Xiaoyu’s father is over 180 cm tall.

On the day of the record verification, measurements were carried out in Leshan People’s Hospital. 

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In accordance with the record guidelines, Xiaoyu's standing height, lying height, hand length, hand span, foot length, foot width, arm span, and half-arm span had to each be measured three times throughout the day. 

After Guinness World Records’ review and confirmation, Xiaoyu officially became the latest record holder for the tallest teenager (male).

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In order not to affect Xiaoyu’s growth, development and eyesight, the desks and chairs in Xiaoyu’s home and school are tailor-made. 

As well as his desk, other things need to be custom made such as his bed, clothes and shoes.

However, being tall does have its advantages. Xiaoyu is very good at cleaning the tall windows in his class or wiping the top of the chalkboard. 


But his height also has its inconveniences, such as frequent head bumps, and taking public transport can be a little cramped.

But one of the most uncomfortable things to Xiaoyu is the odd glances from passengers. 

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"In some people’s minds, tall stature is always associated with the simplicity of mind," said Xiaoyu. 

Xiaoyu combats that perception with his academic achievements and is often the top of his class. 

Due to his height and weight, Xiaoyu is not suitable for playing basketball and other strenuous sports, but he likes to read books and play games. 

When he grows up, he wants to be an e-sports player.

We're celebrating Xiaoyu's record on Guinness World Records (GWR) Day as he is clearly head and shoulders above his peers when it comes to record-breaking, and so are the other amazing record holders (although in a less literal sense!) that are attempting records for GWR Day.

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