The largest parade of alpacas consisted of 1,048 alpacas in Juliaca, Peru

More than 1,000 alpacas have walked through a city in Peru as part of a record-breaking parade.

A total of 1,048 took part in the largest parade of alpacas in Juliaca, capital of the San Román province in the south of the country.

Largest parade of alpacas Peru

The parade was part of FEGASUR, a southern cattle fair celebrating its 58th anniversary.

Alpaca parade

Juliaca, the capital of San Román a province of southern Peru, was the site of the world record for the largest alpaca parade in the world. With the participation of 1,048 alpacas, the southern cattle fair FEGASUR celebrated its 58th anniversary making possible the international recognition of Peru as the main producer and exporter of alpaca fiber in the world.

Largest parade alpacas two

Two species of alpacas participated in the record: Huacaya (with more spongey looking fur) and Suri (which have curly, long fur). 

Alpacas and farmers travelled for hours to attend the parade which began with a tribute to the Pachamama (Mother Earth), the objective being to obtain permission from Mother Earth, a custom very rooted in the region. 

Alpaca largest parade

Once all the alpacas where organized, great coordination was necessary to accommodate them and walk them along the route

All alpacas had to walk at least 1 km (0.62 miles) and stay within 4 m (13 ft 1.4 in) of the animal in front at all times so as to not break the chain.

Largest parade of alpacas gathering

Official Adjudicator, Carlos Tapia Rojas, was supported by witnesses and expert vets who confirmed all animals were healthy and had not suffered any abuse.

Going into the record attempt, organisers had to beat 461 alpacas which were paraded in the Peruvian town of Macusani in 2017.

Alpaca largest parade handler

In the end organisers were celebrating having successfully paraded 1,048 alpacas, making them Officially Amazing.

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Largest parade alpacas