Wide-mouthed Sam Ramsdell joins in record-breaking celebrations at zoo event

By Vicki Newman
sam ramsdell zoo split image

Guinness World Records legend Sam Ramsdell loaned her star power to San Antonio Zoo for a fun summer event.

Sam, who has the largest mouth gape (female) and widest mouth (female), joined in the fun as the Texas zoo staged a special event for all the family.

Wild World Records invited people to try out some record-breaking activities as well as come face-to-face with record holder Sam.

sam ramsdell poses for a selfie

Visitors could learn about other record-breaking animals and people, take on challenges and even have Sam sign a copy of Guinness World Records 2023, featuring pictures of her very wide mouth.

Sam, from Connecticut, USA, has a mouth that measures 10.33 cm (4.07 in) wide and a gape of 6.52 cm (2.56 in).

Of course, her record-breaking mouth meant she was uniquely placed to oversee the taco eating contest.

sam ramsdell hosting taco eating contest

Sam, who recently put her mouth to the test on a fast food tour, took to the stage to introduce competitors and cheer them on as they battled it out to be the fastest to eat 10 tacos.

The record breaker also delighted in posing next to a cardboard cut-out of herself showing off her wide mouth next to a hippopotamus with an equally impressive gape.

Sam was bullied as a child because of her mouth, but now celebrates the thing that makes her unique – and she’s also made a career off the back of it by becoming a big star on TikTok.

sam ramsdell meets fans at san antonio zoo

She once told us: “Having a big mouth growing up…I hated having a big mouth.

“It was something that I always tried to cover up. I never wore lipstick and always wore makeup over my lips so I wouldn’t accentuate.”

But now, she fully embraces her unique feature.

sam ramsdell poses with cardboard cutout of herself

Sam said: “I’m so grateful and I also hope that it does inspire others who feel different, who feel like they’re not like everyone else, and they’re unique and they’ve been made fun of for things about them that are different.

“And when you’re at your weirdest, most authentic self, that’s when the magic happens.”

The Wild World Records event kicked off earlier this year with a certificate presentation to members of Bat Conservation Internationals for the world’s largest bat colony.

bat colony certificate

Bracken Cave, near San Antonio, is estimated to welcome at least 15 million Brazilian free-tailed bats each summer.

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