Guinness World Records (GWR) is excited to announce that we will be attending the first DogFest 2019 event, taking place on the weekend of 11–12 May at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire, UK.

Joining special guests Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Clare Balding will be a team from GWR headquarters – including Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, and Animals Editor, Adam Millward. We will be on the hunt for record-breaking pooches (and their owners). 

Professor Noel FitzPatrick, who will be attending the event, is a GWR record holder in his own right. In 2009, he performed an innovative operation on Oscar the cat, who later appeared in the Supervet series. He was the first animal to receive two bionic leg implants

There will be five official record titles that you and your dog can try over the weekend, as part of our "RECORD BARKERS" stand. If you can, please do bring along any documentation confirming your dog's date of birth (e.g., a log of their jabs as a puppy or microchip data) as we will need this evidence for the purposes of final approval if you do take on and successfully break a record (all our canine record holders must be one year of age or older). The record titles you'll be able to attempt are: 

  • Most treats balanced on a dog’s nose in 30 seconds (Saturday AND Sunday) 
  • Most treats balanced on a human’s nose in 30 seconds (Saturday AND Sunday) 
  • Most "sits" by a dog in one minute (Saturday AND Sunday) 
  • Most alternate paws offered by a dog in 30 seconds (ONLY Saturday) 
  • Most items caught by a dog in 30 seconds (ONLY Sunday) 

Download your DogFest record guidelines

Monkey formerly held the record for most treats balanced on a dog’s nose overall. How many do you think you and your dog can manage at DogFest in 30 seconds?

In addition to these titles, which it will be possible to set over the weekend during official live attempts, we're keen to hear about any other record that your dog may be eligible for. We’re always on the look-out for new four-legged record-breakers, so this is the paw-fect opportunity to show off your pet and talk through the process. 

At 96.4 cm (3 ft 2 in) high at the withers, Lizzy the Great Dane was formerly the tallest female dog. We're currently on the look-out for new contenders!

Does your Great Dane or Irish wolfhound stand higher than any other? Or does your Basset hound have the longest ears? Perhaps you just want to demo an amazing trick you think could be worthy of a GWR title...

Whatever canine feat you’d like to discuss, drop by and say hello. (Please note that we won’t be able to approve ad-hoc records over the weekend, but we can advise on how to get started with an application.) 

GWR’s Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday (left) and Animals Editor, Adam Millward (right), at the National Pet Show in 2018, signing books alongside record-breaking Jack Russell Jessica

Beyond our RECORD BARKERS stand, Guinness World Records will also be taking to the main stage to showcase a few current “record barkers”. 

Current 'record barker' Hagrid has a talent for catching dog treats mid-air!

Many of these will be familiar faces, as you’ll have seen them on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Blue Peter and Officially Amazing, as well as in previous GWR books. 

Over the weekend, you’ll have the chance to meet: 

HAGRID THE LEONBERGER: most consecutive items caught by a dog

MOJO THE POODLE: most pirouettes by a dog in 30 seconds

JACOB AND JESSICA THE JACK RUSSELLS: most skips by a human and dog in one minute / most roll-overs by a dog in 30 seconds / most alternate paws offered by a dog in one minute / Fastest 30-m walk with a dog weaving through the legs

We’ll let you in on a secret too: some of these super-dogs may be taking on brand-new records live at DogFest. You’ll be the first to witness whether or not they can add to their existing tallies of record titles – watch this space! 

Take part in the Great Dog Walk, which will be launched by either Professor Fitzpatrick or Clare Balding

Other events planned for the celebration of all things canine include hay bale racing, dog yoga, dog diving and the “Great Dog Walk” – to name just a few. Check out the full details of the show here.


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