Guo Feng longest drawing great wall of china

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Day, the Chinese music producer-turned-painter Guo Feng accomplished a Guinness World Records record attempt at the Simatai Great Wall in Gubei Water Town with his epic drawing inspired by the Great Wall - naming it Yongsheng, meaning immortality in Chinese. Yongsheng has a total length of 1,014.37 metres and has received a Guinness World Records title for the longest drawing by an individual.

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Through preliminary evidence review and third party measurement, two Guinness World Records adjudicators examined and adjudicated at the site of attempt, with GWR adjudicator Hou Ying announced the final result. 

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Guo Feng is well-known for his achievements in music, ceramics and painting. As he puts it, he has never stopped in his pursuit of arts. Since 1991, Guo Feng has worked on more than 300 paintings. He has also organized many personal painting and ceramic exhibitions in China’s mainland and Taiwan, France, Spain, the USA and more. In 2015, eight of his Sheng Shi Xing Yun Ma (meaning Lucky Horses in the Heyday in Chinese) ceramic works were included into Beijing APEC Artwork Exhibition.

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Regarding the drawing Yongsheng, Guo Feng was inspired as he looked down at the Great Wall from the air. He imagined the Great Wall as an unbroken line, reminiscent of the national blood and soul of China. The drwaing's title Yongsheng intends to reflect the artist's view of the immortality and of the spirit of the Chinese nation, everything, mankind and world. It aim is to call for peace and harmony in the world and comprises ten sub-themes: everything, universe, heaven & earth, reincarnation, boundlessness, lifeblood, nature, creature, co-existence and eternity.

“I want to use painting to extend China’s Great Wall and depict the soul of the Chinese nation at heart. To create the painting, it took me as long as 2 months, which was a challenge, both physically and mentally. And my team and I were confronted with some unexpected problems in execution. However, I cannot help feeling excited for creating a new world miracle at the ancient world miracle and achieving a Guinness World Records title. So long as I chase my dreams, I bet I will realise them one day.” - Guo Feng

The black-and-white drawing Yongsheng was created to express the deepest affection by simple colors and reveals the artist’s originality and imagination. Its creation also marks the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

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