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Guinness World Records has teamed up with MSC Cruises to give landlubbers the ultimate adventure at sea.

Our new Guinness World Records At Sea experience is currently sailing around the globe on MSC World Europa and MSC Seascape – both part of one of the largest cruise lines in the world.

The jam-packed itinerary features an array of GWR shows and activities for families to enjoy while being escorted to exciting destinations in style.

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Passengers will even have the chance to earn their own record title while sailing the seven seas.

Between the millions of passengers MSC transports around the world every year and the thousands of amazing records GWR has on its roster, there certainly won’t be a dull moment on board.

Steve Leatham, Global Head of Entertainment at MSC Cruises, said: “We’re delighted to join forces with Guinness World Records. We’re always on the hunt for new and engaging concepts for our guests. This partnership provides unique and enriching entertainment at the highest level and we look forward to continuing to offer a dynamic range of exciting experiences for guests of all ages.”  

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One of the many activities on offer is our Records Show – a spectacular live version of our TV shows, where passengers, crew members and even the captain of the ship are invited to take part in official record attempts.

Some of our iconic record holders pop up on the big screen to join in the fun, while proceedings are overseen by our very own Marco Frigatti, who takes on the role of adjudicator from afar.

Marco said: “There’s no better way to bring the magic of Guinness World Records to life than to host a live show like this.

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“Families exploring the world on an MSC Cruise can explore the incredible world of record-breaking at the same time – and even become a part of it too!”

Also on board is the Guinness World Records Family Quiz, where loved ones holidaying together can team up to climb the leaderboard by correctly predicting the outcome of live challenges and GWR video races.

Audience members can work together to break records through an interactive voice-controlled game starring our cool kids’ character Ally Zing and young cruisers can take their chance to become the world’s best with the Guinness World Records Club Challenge.

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During the day, passengers of all ages can take the first steps to legendary status by auditioning to be part of the evening live show, and those not keen to take part themselves can simply watch and enjoy.

And finally, trivia fans can brush up on their knowledge by exploring Guinness World Records Facts.

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