A gravy lover from America has achieved Fastest time to drink one litre of gravy, downing the sauce in just 1 minute 12.5 seconds.

Steven Ruppel, from Wausau in Wisconsin, USA, said he attempted the challenge because of his love for the savoury sauce.

"Gravy is a staple of my diet so I believe I'm perfect for this challenge. I broke this record because I like gravy and usually eat a lot of it!"

Steven used canned Campbell's chicken gravy for the attempt, and had to use more than four cans to make up the full litre.

The cans were emptied into a 1000ml measuring beaker to ensure the correct quantity.

Once the beaker was full the gravy was warmed in a microwave, as Steven doesn't like cold gravy!

The full litre was then drunk through a straw that fitted the Guinness World Records' size parameters.

The attempt had to be completed in under three minutes to qualify as a record.


Steven only paused a few times while drinking the gravy, which allowed him to achieve his impressive time of just over a minute - less than half the allowed record attempt time.

The attempt took place at Ruppel Chiropractic, a chiropractic practice owned and operated by Steven, with two witnesses who timed the attempt.


Steven also attempted another Guinness World Records title on the same day - Fastest time to lace a shoe

As a keen marathon runner and someone who frequently re-laces trainers, Steven wanted to break this record to prove his expertise. 

Despite a successful attempt, this record has since been broken.