The Guinness World Records Live! team was in sunny Green Park, London on Sunday (27 May) as part of the Vitality Westminster Mile.

Over 8,000 adults and children completed the Westminster Mile race, and afterwards had the opportunity to come and try their hand at some live record-breaking at the Vitality Wellness Festival.

Three Guinness World Records titles were up for grabs: Most aerobic step ups in 30 seconds, Fastest time to lace a shoe and Most beach paddle ball passes in one minute (team of two)

All participants were timed by our GWR Live! coaches and added to a leader board, with the top qualifiers going through to our official record attempt rounds with adjudicator Paulina Sapinska. 

Amazingly, there were two records broken on the day - both for same title! 

Minal Budhdeo Sherwin took the title Fastest time to lace a shoe first, beating the standing record of 27.79 seconds with 25.37 seconds.

Minal shared her surprise at winning the title: "I'm absolutely speechless... I felt blown away!"

A few hours later, however, Jane Pearce trumped Minal's time, lacing up in just 22.38 seconds.

But despite this impressive time, it wasn't a straightforward victory for Jane.

She tried her luck in three official attempt rounds, but fell short on the first two. It was during the final round and on her third and final go that she managed to secure the title.

Jane's son and husband, who had earlier completed the Westminster Mile race, supported her during her attempts.

Jane with her Guinness World Records certificate

"The whole [GWR Live!] team have been fantastic and encouraging, thank you for giving us this opportunity... an amazing day!" commented Jane.

"My son has always had the Guinness World Records books, every year since he was about four, and loves them. He always said, maybe one day I could have a record... and now mum's got one first!"

"I'm the epitome of anyone can be a record breaker."

You could become a record breaker too - find out if there is a Guinness World Records Live! event taking place near you.