Australian YouTube stars How Ridiculous have made a name for themselves by breaking, and re-breaking, the record for the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot.

When they achieved an unprecedented height of 180.968 m (593.73 ft) in September 2016, it seemed almost impossible that they could better it!

Yet in southern Africa on 13 January 2018, Derek Herron managed to net a ball from 201.422 m (660 ft 10 in) – the first time anyone has crossed the 200 m mark in this challenge.

"I couldn't stop yelling! It was just so good," said Derek, after making the successful shot.

The gang always pick interesting locations for their trick shot attempts and their choice of Maletsunyane Falls in Semonkong, Lesotho, was one of the most spectacular to date.

Derek’s teammates, Brett Stanford and Scott Gaunson, were really proud of their friend.

The How Ridiculous gang

"To pull off such a big achievement is epic but it's even better when you do it at such an awesome location. Maletsunyane Falls and the nearby gorges are just breathtaking!" - Brett Stanford.

"We went over there knowing that the ball was not guaranteed to go in, but we went anyway,” said Brett. "Faith is grown by risk and this was a big risk for us!"

Greatest height from which a basketball is shot basketball hoop

"After seeing so many basketballs swing every direction and land everywhere, I was really caught off guard when it finally dropped. That feeling of pure elation is indescribable when something you've worked so hard for just suddenly happens in front of your eyes."

"It was a huge effort from everyone involved. We could not have pulled this off without the support of Spalding in getting the hoop and basketballs to such a remote location and also the crew at Semonkong Lodge. 

"Together with us they worked extremely hard all week to give the basketball the best chance of going in and it did. Many of these people had never played with or even held a basketball before so for them to help us pull off such a big stunt was a huge thrill."

The How Ridiculous crew first got together in 2009, when the group began attempting trick shots in their backyards.

Since then they have managed to rack up over a million subscribers on their YouTube channel and break multiple Guinness World Records titles.

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There are loads more basketball trick shot record attempts on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel.