Australian YouTube stars How Ridiculous have made a name for themselves by breaking, and re-breaking, the record for the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot.
First achieving the title back in 2011 with a 66.89 m (219 ft 5 in) shot, the basketball fans went on to better their score twice – before American YouTubers Dude Perfect broke their record from a height of 162.458 m (533 ft) earlier this year.
However, the How Ridiculous gang – consisting of Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson – were determined to win their title back.
With an incredible new attempt at Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland, the trick shot stars managed to net a basketball from a staggering height of 180.968 m (593.73 ft) against a stunning backdrop of valleys and water in the Swiss Alps.
Derek Herron, who took the record-breaking shot, said:
It was a surreal moment nailing it on the third shot. I watched the ball head towards the rim and saw the net move but still had my doubts that it went in until I saw Scott going crazy.
This record title is not one that can obviously be attempted in a regular basketball court, but the How Ridiculous crew have spent years practicing super high shots in a variety of interesting and creative locations.
Due to the unusual location, when the group first arrived at the Mauvoisin Dam, they struggled to find a flat surface on which to place the hoop.
However, their efforts eventually paid off with the How Ridiculous team successfully ending the day with a new Guinness World Records title.