After recently achieving their very first Guinness World Records titles in London, sports entertainment group Dude Perfect came back for more, this time trying their luck at a number of basketball world records.  
While filming a video for their YouTube channel,  the five best friends from Frisco, Texas added an incredible 11 new records to their collective roster of achievements, two of which were brand new titles.  
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric was on hand at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 30th and 31st, to verify the records and present each member of Dude Perfect with their certificates. 
Known as ‘The Bearded Guy,’ Tyler Toney attempted a brand new title for the Farthest trampette basketball shot performing a forward flip, smashing the record at 21.95 m (72 ft). 
Toney also snagged titles for Farthest basketball hook shot (21.34 m (70 ft)) and Farthest basketball shot made with the head 11.32 m (37 ft 1.5 in).
‘Twin #2,’ Cory Cotton, became the first person to claim the title for Farthest basketball bounce shot, bouncing the ball into the net from an astounding 27.79 m (91 ft 2 in). Cory also paired up with his brother Coby, ‘Twin #1,’ achieving the title for Most basketball free throws in one minute by a pair (35). 
‘The Tall Guy,’ Cody Jones, now holds 4 impressive records: Farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court 16.79 m (55 ft 1 in), Farthest behind-the-back basketball shot 10.92 m (35 ft 10 in), Longest basketball shot blindfolded (21.64 m (71 ft)) and Most basketball three pointers made by a pair in one minute (19) with Coby Cotton. 
Getting in on the action, Garrett Hilbert, known as ‘The Purple Hoser,’ made the Farthest blindfolded basketball hook shot from 16.76 m (55 ft), surpassing the previous record held by Big Easy Lofton (USA) of The Harlem Globetrotters. 
After severe thunderstorms caused the Dude Perfect team to postpone their attempt at the Greatest height from which a basketball is shot, the group relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 28th to have a go at the record. Perched atop the Cotter Ranch Tower, Tyler Toney successfully shot a basketball from 162.458 m (533 ft) to achieve the new title. Toney’s achievement bettered the previous record – held by Brett Standord (Australia) of How Ridiculous – by a remarkable 35.95 metres!