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Hilarious entertainer and star of BBC’s Officially Amazing (UK) TV show, Cherry Yoshitake, aka Mr Cherry, is arguably Japan’s most dedicated record-breaker.

He rarely fails to make it into the Guinness World Records annual, but he has a special place in the new 2018 edition because our pictures team did a photoshoot with him for the ‘Odd Talents’ section.

Do you have what it takes to win any of Mr Cherry’s titles? We've picked out five challenges which may seem simple, but if you have a go you’ll soon realise they require precision, practice and a huge amount of determination.

1. Most apples bobbed in one minute

Most apples bobbed

With Halloween coming up this month, this popular party game is the perfect challenge to attempt.

Cherry achieved a total of 37 pieces of fruit at Oasispark in Kakamigahara, Gifu, Japan, on 11 October 2015.

The rules include making sure each apple weighs at least 142 g (5 oz) and that the stalks are removed before the attempt starts.

For a full list of guidelines, you’ll need to make an application for the title.

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2. Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds

Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds

Go to your sock draw and empty it out – you’ll need more than 26 socks to be in with a chance at breaking this record.

Cherry won this title on the set of Officially Amazing in Imba, Chiba, Japan, on 7 September 2013.

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3. Most shuttlecocks caught with chopsticks in one minute

Most shuttlecocks caught with chopsticks in one minute

Mr Cherry is an expert handler of chopsticks and has set many records thanks to this skill.

Recruit a friend to help you with this challenge – one person needs to throw the shuttlecocks while the other catches them with chopsticks… if they can!

Cherry took this on with Officially Amazing presenter Haruka Kuroda (Japan) in August 2015, achieving a grand total of 23.

The most important rule to follow is that the shuttlecocks must be delivered by a legal badminton serve from behind a line 1.98 metres away from the opposite side of the badminton net.

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4. Most underpants pulled on in one minute

Most underpants pulled on in one minute

Cherry, who is well known for his extroverted fashion sense, achieved a total of 36 in October 2014.

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There are plenty of other options if you like the sound of this challenge. The 30 second version was recently attempted by Italy’s Silvio Sabba, and he demonstrated a very unique tactic for achieving a high speed:

Alternatively, you could attempt this record with a friend and do the team of two underpants challenge.

Mr Cherry explains the rules in the following video:

5. Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute

Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute

On 1 July 2015, Mr Cherry ate 71 baked beans in 60 seconds – one bean at a time – using chopsticks.

The record took place on the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, UK.

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If you don’t think you can break these records, why not try to beat your own personal best or see if you can beat your friends’ scores?

We recently went to Glasgow, Scotland to film Mr Cherry on the set of Officially Amazing. Watch the video below to find out more about this serial record-breaker.

For more fun challenges to attempt, visit our Do Try This At Home section on our kids website.

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