YouTubers BomBom set two records in Japan for Guinness World Records Day 2018

YouTube group BomBom TV has taken on a slime challenge for Guinness World Records Day (GWR Day) 2018.

The group is familiar with the substance having used it in previous science experiment videos with one member, Yocchi, making slime on numerous occasions. 

Yocchi calls himself "the slimer" and found a way to put his slime expertise to the test by attempting two record titles for GWR Day.


BomBom TV attempted the Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds and the Longest distance to stretch home-made slime in 30 seconds (team of 8)

For both record titles, the condition of the slime is a vital factor for successful attempts. Yocchi had made several recipes (using ingredients as specified in the guidelines) to come up with a slime that stretches well but doesn't get cut off easily.


For the solo attempt, Yocchi had to beat the previous record of 2.23 m (7 ft 4 in). Despite a slight fluster during the attempt, he had managed to stretch the slime to 3.87 m (12 ft 8.36 in), thus breaking the record.

After the successful attempt, he said he felt he could have extended the record even further. 

"If anyone ever beats my record, I'll take it off them straight away," he declared.


For the group attempt, eight members from BomBom TV had to stretch a slime weighing 2 kg to the length of at least 5 m. Learning from Yocchi's solo attempt, the team came up with a great strategy, where some members pick up the slime and others stretch them.


While they were able to stretch the slime to impressive lengths, some members did not let go of the slime after 30 seconds. Because of this, their first and second attempts were unfortunately disqualified.

For the third attempt, the team was careful and let go of the slime well before 30 seconds had passed. And with an impressive length of 13.78 m (45 ft 2.51 in), their great team effort was awarded with a Guinness World Records title.

Members were ecstatic after receiving two official certificates and thanked Yocchi for creating the "perfect" slime for the attempt. 

"I'm glad we've been making slimes all these days," replied Yocchi.


Despite their success, Yocchi said "now people will have people after us (trying to beat our record)", indicating that their journey with slime is far from over.