Brazilian skateboarder Ricardo de Souza Amaral, who is more commonly referred to as Per Canguru, has added another Guinness World Records title to his impressive résumé of skateboarding achievements.
He successfully set a new record for the Most skateboard rail flip to railin one minute at Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo, Brazil with an incredible 15.
A rail flip is an exceptionally challenging trick, which required the skater to stand on the side edge of the skateboard and then use their back foot to flip the board a full 360 degrees and land back in the rail position.
In his application for the record, Per told Guinness World Records: “I decided to set a world record because this is a great challenge, a very difficult and technical trick. I practice a lot.”
Per Canguru
The 44-year-old photographer first started freestyle skating in 1979, and has gone on to compete in many different countries, including Brazil, Sweden, USA and Canada, and even win World Championships.
In July 2015, Per achieved the Longest coconut wheelie on a skateboard, with a distance of 33 metres (108.3 feet).