Brazilian skateboarder Per Canguru completes longest coconut wheelie ever

By Rachel Swatman
Guinness World Records can today confirm that Brazilian skateboarder Ricardo “Per Canguru” de Souza Amaral has successfully set a record for the Longest coconut wheelie on a skateboard, having travelled an impressive 33 m (108.3 ft) on the side of his skateboard, with only two wheels touching the ground, at Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo, Brazil.
The 44-year-old photographer first started freestyle skating in 1979, going on to compete in many different countries, including Brazil, Sweden, USA and Canada and even win World Championships – but now he has earned a Guinness World Records title to add to his long list of boarding achievements.
Per Canguru’s inspiration came from Kevin Harris, a professional freestyle skateboarder who holds a world record for the Most spins of skateboards under each foot (two-board 360’s), having racked up an extraordinary total of 1,032 spins.
Per told GWR: “Being a Guinness World Records record holder is one of those feelings you cannot describe. As first to set this record, I hope this will be an incentive for others to work to try and break it. At the same time, I am working to break the record myself. It’s great to know that you are good at something and you can inspire others to overcome their limits.”
He went on to say that he is working on perfecting other tricks so that he can attempt new titles, aiming to “challenge the height, speed, gravity… anything which is radical”.
Another incredible skating title was set recently when American professional skateboarder Danny Way flew a potentially dangerous 7.772 m (25.49 ft) into the sky to smash the record for the Highest air on a skateboard (quarterpipe). Watch it here.