World Food Day is recognised annually on 16 October and is a day dedicated to eradicating hunger on a global scale.
To celebrate the occasion, Guinness World Records has selected ten recent record attempts that were all about donating food to those in need.

1. Longest wheel bread

In April, Ripples Charity Foundation based in Hong Kong, China baked an enormous loaf of bread that measured an incredible 3.28 m (10.74 ft) long and 184 m (0.6 ft) wide.
Once the record was confirmed, the wheel bread was then sliced and distributed to senior citizens in the local area.
Longest wheel bread

2. Largest cereal breakfast and Largest cereal box

Two weeks ago Daher International Food Co. (DIFCO), the mother company of Lebanese cereal brand Poppins, achieved two impressive Guinness World Records titles during an event organised to launch the brand’s new packaging at Jounieh Old Souk, in Jounieh, Lebanon.
Largest cereal box
All of the 2.7 tons of corn flakes in the giant cereal box and any left over breakfast packages from the mass participation event were given to various charities and organisations in the region.
Largest cereal breakfast Lebanon

3. Most pet food donated to charity in one month

Animals sometimes need a little help too – Polish company gave away a whopping 21,239.5 kg of pet food to animal shelters over the course of one month and achieved a new record for it in July.
Most pet food donated to charity in one month

4. Largest cookie mosaic

Aiming to raise awareness and support for the WE Bake for Change campaign (Canada), flour makers Robin Hood® and non-profit organisation WE Day produced the largest cookie mosaic ever at Evergreen Brick Works, in Toronto, Canada, measuring a mouth-watering 131.15 m² (1,411.26 ft²).
With the attempt taking place in March this year, each of the colourful cookies were individually-wrapped in order to avoid wastage, and following the record achievement they were given out to the public and donated to local food banks.
Largest cookie mosaic
The mosaic depicted an image of the world map, with red hearts highlighting the countries of the world where WE Bake for Change has made a difference to people’s lives.

5. Largest smoothie

Also in Canada, McGill University created a huge fruit smoothie that measured 3,121.7 litres (686.6 gal, 824.7 US gal).
The record was achieved by in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on 1 September 2015.
The supersized smoothie was given out to students at the event and 1,000 litres were then taken to a local homeless shelter.

6. Largest single humanitarian operation

The world's largest and most expensive humanitarian operation was undertaken by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), feeding the 27.1 million people of Iraq, following the war there. The food-aid operation began on 1 April 2003 and finished in late October 2003 with 2.2 million tonnes (4.8 billion lb) of food commodities being delivered under a budget of $1.5 billion (£927 million, €1.3 billion).

7. Largest gingerbread house

This mouth-watering creation had an internal volume of 1,110.1 m³ (39,201.8 ft³) and was created by Traditions Club (USA) at Traditions Club, Bryan, Texas, USA.
The house was 18.28 m (60 ft) long, 12.8 m (42 ft) wide and 18.28 m (10.1 ft) tall at its highest point.
Largest gingerbread house
Visitors to the house were able to meet Santa Claus, in exchange for a donation to St Joseph's Hospital in order to raise money to build a new trauma center.

8. Most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hours

The most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hours is 224,064.2 kg (493,977 lb 0 oz) and was achieved by Visit Sacramento (USA) in Sacramento, California, USA on 7 September 2016.
The food was donated to 220 partner agencies and area food banks for distribution.
Most fruit and vegetables donated in 24 hours

9. Longest line of cakes

The longest line of cakes measured 1,604.75 m (5264 ft 11.01 in) and was achieved by 'Cakes for Kids' at a charity event at Middleton Hall in Milton Keynes, UK.
The line of cakes consisted of 26,746 individual cakes. There were twenty five schools and special needs organisations baking for the record, as well as five community centres, for the general public to drop off cakes.
Longest line of cakes

10. Largest food drive in 24 hours

The largest ever food drive in 24 hours was set by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Food Drive who collected 254,493 kg (559,885 lb) of food in Durham, North Carolina, USA.