Poppins GWR collage
Daher International Food Co. (DIFCO), the mother company of Lebanese cereal brand Poppins, achieved two impressive Guinness World Records titles during an event organised to launch the brand’s new packaging at Jounieh Old Souk, in Jounieh, Lebanon.
Under the theme “Think Big”, DIFCO first unveiled the world’s Largest cereal box, measuring an enormous 3.22 m (10 ft 6.77 in) in length, 1.26 m (4 ft 1.60 in) in depth and 4.52 m (14 ft 9.95 in) in height.
Largest cereal box
The giant replica of one of Poppin’s most popular cereals contained 2.7 tons of corn flakes – all of which was donated to various charities and organisations in the region.
At 8am the world’s Largest cereal breakfast (attendance) was held as an incredible 1,852 participants turned up to tuck into a bowl of corn flakes together at the picturesque location by the sea.
Largest cereal breakfast Lebanon
Attended by school children, Scout groups and members of the public, each person was given their own cereal package (with any remaining at the end of the attempt given to charity).
Largest cereal breakfast aerial view Lebanon
Aerial view of 1,852 people having breakfast together for world record attempt in Lebanon
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Ahmed Gabr was on hand to count and verify the attempt, and was thrilled to announce that the breakfasters had broken the previous record of 1,423 by over 400 participants.
Thousands of people came to watch and the event received wide coverage from a number of television broadcasters.