Breathtaking anamorphic pavement artwork breaks two world records in China

By Rachel Swatman
Talented Chinese artist Yang Yongchun has created the world’s Largest anamorphic pavement art to celebrate the opening of new tourist attraction Nine Color Rose Town in Lijiang, Yunnan, China.
Measuring a breath-taking 2,807.39 m² (30,218.49 ft²), the colourful 3D artwork was produced directly onto the ground of a long street that goes through the middle of the village.
Longest anamorphic pavement art
Record-breaking artist Yang Yongchun stands in the centre of his breath-taking anamorphic artwork
With a length of 391.93 m (1,285 ft 10 in), the piece is also the world’s Longest anamorphic pavement art - significantly longer than the previous record of 183.5 m (602 ft 0.39 in) that was achieved in Singapore last December.
The incredible picture, which appears in stunning 3D when viewed from the foot, is named “Lake of Love”.
Yang took inspiration for his design from Lijiang’s beautiful Lugu Lake.
Longest anamorphic pavement art China
The artwork took six weeks to complete and was unveiled at the Nine Color Rose Town in front of an audience of local villagers and tourists.
Once the street art had been measured by an independent surveyor, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Charles Wharton presented a certificate to Yang.
Largest anamorphic pavement art certificate presentation
Speaking of his achievement, the artist said: “This is the most difficult task since I work on anamorphic art creation. Despite the weather and attitude reaction, the team still complete this artwork in time and with high quality”.
Yang and his team have worked on a number of impressive anamorphic artworks in the past and he previously achieved a Guinness World Records title for the Largest anamorphic painting.
Largest anamorphic painting