Michael Essing walked across Germany and then strolled right into a victory in last week's Fan Choice. With 41.61% of the vote, his record for the longest barefoot journey emerged on top and he can surely kick his feet up after the 1,488.09 km (924.65 mi) path to the winner's circle.

Every Friday here, we'll pick five records recently approved by our expert Records Management Team. We'll give you a little background on each and then ask you to vote for your favorite. The winners from each week, like Michael, will be entered into an end-of-year bracket to determine the Fan Choice record of the year.

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This week features one heck of a bowtie and very dangerous hand-eye coordination. But first, two guys who redefine lean on me.


Record: 203

Holder: Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove (both UK)

Location: Norfolk FA Football Development Academy, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

That's not all: Jeremy and Billy make up the F2 Freestylers and they actually broke their own record, which had previously stood at 125. The attempt was made to raise funds for Sport Relief at a charity event hosted by Anglian Home Improvements, which also saw 380 games of 5-a-side played by 20 different teams in the competition.


Fan Choice axe juggle site.jpg

Record: 369

Holder: Chris Marley (UK)

Location: Greentop Circus in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

That's not all: Chris is a professional juggler who juggles pretty much anything you can imagine, ranging from run-of-the-mill clubs, balls, and rings to eggs, pineapples, and defrosted fish fingers. Having received his first Guinness World Records book at age 8, he said he wanted to break a juggling record that involved an element of danger.


Fan Choice heart transplant site.jpg
Record: 132

Holder: Donate Life Coalition of Michigan (USA)

Location: Art Moran Buick GMC, Southfield, Michigan, USA

That's not all: It was an emotional day for those gathered at this attempt, none moreso than the donor family who met their son's heart recipient for the first time. The coalition's stated goal for the attempt was to raise awareness, honor donors and families, and "celebrate the gift of life."


Fan Choice bowtie site.jpg

Record: 3.42 m (11 ft 3 in) wide and 2.13 m (7 ft) tall

Holder: ZB Savoy Bowtie (USA)

Location: San Diego, California, USA

That's not all: ZB Savoy founder Zach Barnhorst has worked as a professional bowtie maker for 3 years and decided to challenge himself with a record-breaking pursuit. He was joined by Andrew Orr, Alisha Le, Andy Gray, Wyatt Buttrose, who spent two weeks practicing the tying of the tie for the men's accessory maker.


Fan Choice kettlebell class site.jpg

Record: 924 participants

Holder: University of Washington (USA)

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

That's not all: When UW vice president of human resources Mindy Kornberg wanted to start the school's new holistic betterment initiative for faculty and staff, school president Michael Young suggested a world record attempt. Mission accomplished. The nearly thousand people in attendance were treated to a 30-minute, six-circuit workout.

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