Robert Downey, Jr., enjoyed a record-breaking 48th birthday.

Springtime brought with it flowers, sunshine, and some heavy hitters in the record-breaking world. Before we get to some of the big guns of GWR, we remember some of the great news stories of the month. Remember when Air Samoa announced it would charge fares based on passenger weight? Or when we found out our best “Friends” weren’t getting back together or when Daft Punk re-entered our lives before helping soundtrack our summer? Ah, the good times.

Perhaps nobody had a better April than Robert Downey, Jr. With this “Iron Man 3” premiering around the world, the man behind Tony Stark spent the month on a whirlwind tour, including a stop in Beijing near his birthday. There, he received a record-breaking birthday card (above) unlike any other.

Quite the Tony Stark ladies man in his own day, Julio Iglesias was not to be outdone while in China himself. The Spanish crooner also made a trip to Beijing in April, where he was awarded a Guinness World Records title as the best-selling male Latin artist of all-time.

To see how much music has changed, though, look no further than PSY. The South Korean sensation burst on the scene in 2012 with “Gangnam Style,” redefining the limits of going viral. Rather than wait years for a follow-up album, PSY gave us another record-breaking performance soon thereafter, as his “Gentleman” became the most-watched video online in 24 hours.


Lastly, April saw two traditions – one old, one new – to excite Guinness World Records fans. Headlining the month was the Virgin London Marathon, which has become an annual tradition for those looking to make history while running the race. This year saw 70 different runners attempt world records, with 23 successful runs.

And new to the record-breaking universe was the debut of #askGWR. This limited run series offered fans the chance to have their burning questions answered about what goes on behind the curtain at Guinness World Records.

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